Evan Ross Recalls Daughter’s Fury About Getting a Baby Brother – E! Online

Evan Ross Recalls Daughter's Fury About Getting a Baby Brother - E! Online

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Sex expose “disappointment” is not just booked for mother and father. When Ashlee Simpson Ross was pregnant with her and Evan Ross‘ kid in 2015, their child was less than delighted when she learnt that her child brother or sister was going to be a young boy.

Ashlee, 36, brought to life Ziggy Blu Ross in October. He signed up with huge sis Jagger Snow Ross, 5, and huge bro Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Ashlee’s 12-year-old kid with ex-husband Pete Wentz. In May, Ashlee hosted a sex expose celebration with Evan and their kids for their household over Zoom and published on Instagram a video of the minute where they cut a cake to expose its blue cream filling. Jagger looked noticeably dissatisfied.

“Well, she loves the baby but when she found out it was a boy, at first, she was super, super mad,” Evan, 32, stated on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show on Wednesday, Feb. 24. “She raged. We did a gender expose with the entire household on Zoom and I might see her like, on my side and it resembled, she broke down, she resembled [bends over], ‘It’s a young boy.’ [She] resembled, so upset.”

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