Every Bombshell From Alex Murdaugh’s Murder Trial Testimony

Every Bombshell From Alex Murdaugh's Murder Trial Testimony

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The accused asserted that he left his better half and kid by the kennels instantly after Paul shot his Snapchat video, which ended at 8: 45 p.m. Asked if he might have left as late as 8: 47 p.m., Murdaugh stated it was possible, however he believes it was earlier and he was back at your house by 8: 49 p.m. (The prosecution has actually declared that Maggie and Paul were eliminated at around 8: 49 p.m., after which, detectives state, active usage of their phones stopped. A SLED cellular phone specialist affirmedJan 31 that information recommended somebody held Maggie’s phone, which was discovered lying next to the roadway more than a quarter-mile far from the home, at 8: 54 p.m. and once again at 9: 06 p.m., however didn’t open it. The phone revealed 5 missed out on calls from her hubby in between 9: 04 p.m. and 10: 03 p.m.)

Murdaugh’s Suburban information showed he left for his mom’s home in Armeda at 9: 02 p.m. Asked if he heard “anything at all” prior to he repelled, Murdaugh stated he did not.

Waters described Murdaugh’s previous declaration to a detective that he believed he heard Maggie and Paul increasing to the primary home as he was leaving, including, “You’re saying you couldn’t hear Blackout shots, supposedly, but you could hear that.”

Waters once again questioned simply how cooperative Murdaugh truly was with detectives.

“Other then lying to them about going to the kennel, I was cooperative in every aspect of this investigation,” the accused stated.

To which the district attorney reacted, “Very cooperative, except for maybe the most important fact of all, that you were at the murder scene with the victims just minutes before they died.”

Waters played a video of Murdaugh being spoken with by detectives on June 8, 2021, throughout which he stated that he had actually been at your house while his better half was at the kennels. Asked when it was that he chose to lie, Murdaugh stated that not discussing that he, too, was at the kennels with Maggie and Paul was not a mindful lie. He restated his previous description, that substance abuse had actually made him paranoid and he didn’t trust SLED.