Everything we know about Nagini in ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’


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The ultimate trailer for Implausible Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was teeming with Harry Potter clues and tidbits, however one specifically has followers – how can we put this – shedding their shit this morning: The reveal that Nagini, who we all know was Voldemort’s last horcrux and erstwhile pet snake, is alive and properly within the Beasts period, and he or she’s really a human lady (Claudia Kim).

In line with the up to date Harry Potter Wikia pages, Nagini is a Maledictus, or a human with a blood curse who slowly transforms into an animal. 

By the point we meet her in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireplace, Nagini is absolutely a snake (and later a horcrux), most likely with snake-thoughts and a snake-brain (so you possibly can ease your conscience that Neville murdered her).

To be clear, a Maledictus is distinct from an Animagus – a wizard who turns into an animal at will. An  Animagus chooses the animal and chooses when to rework. Nagini does have management over her transformation within the trailer; Kim instructed EW that her character is aware of a full transformation is inevitable.

Rowling claimed on Twitter that she’s been holding this secret for “round 20 years,” and whether or not or not that is true it adjustments our whole perspective of Nagini the snake. Even when she was not human by the point she met Voldemort, she has a complete human life and historical past that will probably be explored in The Crimes of Grindelwald.

This Nagini is a part of the Circus Arcanus with Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller), whom we all know to be an Obscurus whose magic typically loses management and bursts forth, usually resulting in destruction. What a pair!

Some on Twitter expressed quick concern over the truth that, whereas there’s one other character of coloration within the sequence, she’s turning into an animal and finally into the Darkish Lord’s pet.

It is also price noting with reference to illustration that Nagini is a Sanskrit title and really describes a half-woman, half-snake creature from Indian mythology. “Nagin” is Hindi and Urdu for snake. Whether or not human or snake, the title’s etymology is fairly unambiguously South Asian however the character is just not.

Implausible Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald premieres Nov. 16.

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