Ex-CIA agents search for sunken cocaine submarine used by Pablo Escobar’s cartel


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Two former CIA brokers have purportedly found the whereabouts a sunken submarine utilized by late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s Medellín Cartel to smuggle cocaine from Colombia to Puerto Rico.

In footage shot for Discovery UK, the 2 ex-CIA brokers – Doug Laux and Ben Smith – are exploring the waters off Colombia’s Caribbean coast after receiving a tip that one in all Escobar’s cocaine-filled submarines went down there.

Whereas the clip of the divers reveals them digging up nothing greater than a steel field, the 2 former brokers imagine that the shifting seabed and frequent hurricanes that wrack the area may have moved or obscured the wreckage.

Doug Laux leans against a wall in the barrio with a stencil of Pablo Escobar?s face spray-painted on its surface.

 (Discovery Communications)

“There are historic reviews that counsel that narcos when confronted by the Navy or the Coast Guard dumped all the cash and medicines overboard and fled,” Smith mentioned in a clip posted on YouTube. “Possibly it isn’t a submarine however I can’t overlook the chance that it might be a type of issues.”

Smith added: “I believe it’s definitely worth the time to go test it out.”

Whereas he began as a smalltime felony stealing vehicles and promoting contraband cigarettes, Escobar moved into the cocaine commerce within the 1970s and by the center of the 1980s had grow to be the richest – and most infamous – drug capo on the earth, together with his Medellín Cartel bringing in a purported $22 billion a yr and Forbes Journal itemizing him because the world’s seventh richest individual in 1989.


Deep political divides, a weak central authorities, rampant corruption and a decades-long civil rebellion by left-wing guerrillas, all stretched Colombia’s lawmakers and army forces skinny. Paired with the appearance of the transnational drug commerce, it was like an ideal storm to empower Escobar’s Medellín cartel to flourish.

Escobar was additionally a Robin Hood determine is his hometown of Medellín as he constructed housing initiatives for the poor, soccer fields and different infrastructure initiatives. Escobar was so standard within the nation that he was even elected to the Colombian Congress – a transfer that helped him keep away from extradition to the USA.

The legislation ultimately caught up with Escobar when he was gunned down on a Medellín rooftop in 1993 throughout a joint U.S.-Colombian operation.

Whereas the dying El Patrón noticed his drug trafficking group go right into a tailspin as turf wars broke out for management over the group and its splinter teams with excessive ranges of violence not abating till a minimum of the early 2000s, what occurred to Escobar’s fortune nonetheless stays a thriller.

In 2009, $eight million was found in a hidden advanced deep within the Colombian jungle, however that’s solely a small quantity of Escobar’s purported $70 billion fortune that also stays at giant. 

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