Expect Brawn Strowman to cause carnage and Mick Foley and Jeff Hardy to fly off demonic structure


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THIS Sunday sees the return of WWE’s most demonic construction on the Hell in a Cell pay- per-view.

SunSport brings you updated with the most important feuds and predicts how the motion will go down.

 Roman Reigns will face Brawn Strowman with Mick Foley as referee
Roman Reigns will face Brawn Strowman with Mick Foley as referee

Hell in a Cell Match for the Common Championship – Roman Reign (c) v Braun Strowman

Background: The Protect reunited to cease Braun cashing-in on Roman the night time after SummerSlam.

So the Monster Amongst Males has joined forces with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to place down the Hounds of Justice.

With extra assist from the heel locker room, Braun, Dolph, and Drew beat down The Protect – however they struck again this week with calculated assaults.

Now HIAC legend Mick Foley has been inserted as particular visitor referee. Can he cease this from turning into absolute carnage?

 Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have been battering each other


Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have been battering one another
WWE star Braun Strowman betrays Roman Reigns in chaotic Uncooked conflict

SunSport Predicts: WWE goes to excessive measures to make Roman a hero – even turning the monstrously well-liked Braun heel – so anticipate Roman to stroll out as champ.

And don’t consider the hype concerning the demonic construction for a second – neither the Cell or Foley will cease outdoors interference. WWE will discover a strategy to get each males’s buddies contained in the Cell for a six-man brawl.

Foley’s function within the match is a bit out of the blue. However he’s celebrating 20 years of being tossed off the Cell by Undertaker – so ought to be ripe for taking a chokeslam or spear for previous time’s sake.

 AJ Styles has been taunted and teased by Samoa Joe
AJ Kinds has been taunted and teased by Samoa Joe

WWE Championship Match – AJ Kinds (c) v Samoa Joe

Background: Joe has made this private by taking part in thoughts video games with AJ.

He’s accused Kinds of being a horrible father and husband and even resorted to intimidating AJ’s

AJ misplaced his cool at at SummerSlam and received himself disqualified – then launched a chair-swinging assault on SmackDown final week.

However after Joe’s sinister bedtime story for AJ’s youngsters (significantly bizarre and sensible), will the champ lose each his cool and title at belt Hell in a Cell?

 AJ Styles did not care for his own safety when attacking Samoa Joe on SmackDown


AJ Kinds didn’t look after his personal security when attacking Samoa Joe on SmackDown

SunSport Predicts: This looks like Samoa Joe’s time to lastly develop into WWE Champion.

AJ’s accomplished the perfect job he can throughout a inventive stoop for the title, but it surely’s time for a change. And if it’s something like their SummerSlam match, this ought to be a belter.

In truth, this feud has been a pleasing shock all spherical. Normally when WWE brings household right into a storyline, it’s low-cost and gratuitous. However these seasoned execs have turned it into one thing particular – entertaining and psychologically tense.

Raw Women’s Championship Match – Ronda Rousey (c) v Alexa Bliss

Background: Ronda demolished Alexa at SummerSlam in a matter of minutes and has continued to look dominant on Raw ever since.

But Alexa got the upper hand with cheap shot on Ronda’s ribs after a tag match this week.

Will that be enough to topple the “Baddest Woman on the Planet”?

 UFC hall-of-famer star Ronda Rousey faces Alexa Bliss
UFC hall-of-famer star Ronda Rousey faces Alexa Bliss

SunSport Predicts: WWE may be playing up Ronda’s injury, but there’s zero chance of Alexa regaining the belt.

The all-women’s PPV Evolution is just a month away and WWE wants Ronda as the headline act and champ for that show.

With Alexa scheduled to face Trish Stratus at Evolution, “Miss Bliss” is destined to lose this Sunday.

Ronda Rousey gives her thoughts on her intro into WWE and Floyd Mayweather in UFC

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match – Charlotte Flair (c) v Becky Lynch

Background: Charlotte nabbed the title from under Becky’s nose at SummerSlam, so Becky turned on her pal post-match.

Becky has continued to attack Charlotte in the weeks since, even disguising herself as a fan to blindside Charlotte from the crowd.

 Champion Charlotte Flair faces Becky Lynch
Champion Charlotte Flair faces Becky Lynch

SunSport Predicts: Becky has gained huge momentum since her turn and become a wildly popular heel.

(You could say she’s not a heel at all, considering the positive response she gets every time she attacks Charlotte.)

The smart money is on Becky winning the title to keep up her momentum and prolong the feud with her former best friend.

WWE star Charlotte Flair shows off her strength and other assets at the gym

Hell in a Cell Match – Jeff Hardy v Randy Orton

Background: Orton launched a series of vicious attacks on Hardy, in what Orton claimed was a mission to destroy the fans’ biggest heroes.

Orton has been savage, but has unleashed the reckless side of Hardy (Orton has “broken” Hardy, you could say).

Hardy has fired back with daredevil assaults and promises to do something crazy when he steps inside HIAC for the first time ever.

 Jeff Hardy is expected to pull off something amazing against Randy Orton
Jeff Hardy is expected to pull off something amazing against Randy Orton

SunSport Predicts: Will we really see a Swanton Bomb from the top of the Cell? Hardy is sure to pull out a bonkers stunt for this match.

While this didn’t seem like an exciting feud on paper, it’s been mostly entertaining – and it’s good to have heel Randy back (babyface Randy is just too boring).

We predict a win for Orton – but it’s Hardy who will steal the show.

Mixed Tag Team Match – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella v The Miz & Maryse

Background: Miz scored a crafty win over Bryan thanks to Maryse’s help at SummerSlam, so Bryan enlisted Brie to even the score.

The husband-wife duos have clashed in brawls on SmackDown, with Bryan and Brie outsmarting and out-fighting their rivals so far.

 Daniel Bryan and The Miz will fight alongside their respective partners
Daniel Bryan and The Miz will fight alongside their respective partners

SunSport Predicts: This will be another win for the Miz and Mrs – they’re certain to have more devious tricks up their sleeves.

This has been booked like the main event feud on SmackDown, so WWE is likely building to another Bryan v Miz singles match to settle the score.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre (c) v Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Background: Dolph and Drew easily beat the B-Team to become champs – but have found tougher competition in the reunited Shield brothers.

Rollins and Ambrose jumped the champs on Raw this week and threatened to have GM Baron Corbin arrested unless they were given a title shot.

 Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre want to destroy Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre want to destroy Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

SunSport Predicts: Dolph and Drew have been the freshest act on Raw, so expect them to retain the titles with a screwy finish and keep this rivalry going.

There’s sure to be more shenanigans between these teams when they both interfere in the Braun v Roman main event.

WWE stars The Shield botch a triple powerbomb at Live event to leave Dolph Ziggler hurting

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The New Day (c) v Rusev & Aiden English

Background: The New Day finally beat to the Bludgeon Brothers after SummerSlam to become five-time tag champs.

Meanwhile, Rusev & Aiden English won a mini tournament to become number one contenders. Could Hell in a Cell become Rusev Day?

 The New Day will try to ruin Rusev's day
The New Day will try to ruin Rusev’s day

SunSports Predicts: The New Day will retain the belts and continue their fifth reign as champs.

After teasing a split between Rusev and English and then having them reconcile, this feels like it should be their their moment.

But WWE has a history of jobbing out the popular Rusev when it comes to big matches.

Alexa Bliss on her historic dream match with Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution

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