Extinct human species lived together in Siberian cave, new research shows



Bones not too long ago present in a Siberian cave have given researchers a brand new glimpse into the timeline of an extinct human species. The species – often called Denisovans – at one time lived alongside Neanderthals in the identical cave, the proof confirmed.

The one fossil proof of the Denisovans was uncovered in Denisova Cave within the Russian Altai Mountains again in 1980, and quantity to a few enamel and bone fragments.

“Denisovans are a sister group to Neanderthals – that’s, they’re nearer when it comes to shared ancestry to Neanderthals than they’re to trendy people,” research chief and geochronologist Dr. Richard Roberts of Australia’s College of Wollongong informed Fox Information. “We all know nearly nothing concerning the bodily look of the Denisovans, as we solely have a couple of enamel (that are fairly chunky) and even fewer scraps of bone.”


A brand new research revealed that the Denisovans lived within the cave from a minimum of 200,000 to lower than 50,000 years in the past. The crew used optical courting– a course of that measures the time since sediment was uncovered to daylight– to check the deposits the place the enamel and bone fragments have been discovered.

It was a preferred cave with these extinct species – in line with one other latest research, it was additionally populated with Neanderthals at one level.

“[Denisovans] might need arrived as early as 300,000 years in the past, however we don’t have any fossils or DNA related to the 300,000-year-old artifacts,” Roberts stated. “We will additionally say that Neanderthals have been current at Denisova Cave from a minimum of 190,000 years in the past till a minimum of 90,000 years in the past, however additional fossil discoveries and DNA from the cave sediments could prolong the time vary of each Denisovans and Neanderthals on the website.”

Final 12 months, a bone fragment from a woman was discovered within the cave. Her father had been a Denisovan and her mom a Neanderthal, so proof of interbreeding between the 2 teams exists.

“We all know quite a bit concerning the genome of the Denisovans, because the DNA is remarkably nicely preserved within the cave (seemingly as a result of chilly and dry circumstances contained in the cave), and we all know quite a bit concerning the Neanderthal genome too,” Roberts stated. “And we all know that the 2 teams actually interbred a minimum of as soon as, giving rise a daughter of blended ancestry about 100,000 years in the past, when the local weather was comparatively heat.”

Roberts famous that trendy people have additionally interbred with Neanderthals and Denisovans sooner or later. Researchers know this as a result of individuals alive right this moment carry bits of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA of their genomes– and surprisingly sufficient, they’re nowhere close to Siberia.

“The [people with Denisovan DNA] are, quite perplexingly, present in far biggest abundance in Aboriginal Australians and New Guineans, who stay four,970 miles away from southern Siberia!” Roberts stated. “It presumably entered the genome of their ancestors a results of interbreeding when trendy people left Africa and began spreading throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia, however the ‘the place?’ and ‘when?’ questions stay unanswered.”


In accordance with the brand new timeline, the Denisovans hung round lengthy sufficient in southern Siberia to have come into contact with trendy people because the latter migrated via Asia.

“Definitely, trendy people have been current in different components of Asia by 50,000 years in the past, however the nearest trendy human fossils to Denisova Cave are positioned about 620 miles away at a website known as Ust-Ishim on the Siberian plains,” Roberts stated. “So we have no idea if trendy people ever met Denisovans at Denisova Cave and picked up their DNA there, or if the Denisovan ancestry present in residing Australian Aboriginal and New Guinean individuals was acquired in South or Southeast Asia.”

Different artifacts discovered within the cave embrace rings and pendants constructed from bone and mammoth ivory. The research might be present in Nature.


Denisova Cave can be the one website up to now found that incorporates their fossils or DNA (which has been extracted from the fossil enamel, bones and even the sediments within the cave), so we will solely speculate concerning the former geographic distribution.


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