Facebook Dating will not press Tinder off your house screen right now


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Facebook Dating will let you include your current Instagram posts to your dating profile. 

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Shelby Ruth, a 20-year-old Canadian, began online dating since it was a fast method to satisfy brand-new individuals.

So when Facebook released its brand-new dating function in Canada in 2015, she registered since the social media made it simple to do. Compared with Tinder, Ruth discovered, users share more profile details on Facebook Dating. But there are likewise disadvantages.

“I have not put a lot of effort into it because to me it does not have a lot of possible bachelors for me,” she stated. “I personally believe there is one type of demographic that Facebook Dating is getting and that is the older, possibly middle-aged people.”

Ruth checks out her likes on Facebook Dating about as soon as a week, however she hasn’t fulfilled any of her matches in reality. She just talked with someone over more than a number of messages prior to the discussion passed away.

As Facebook’s aspirations for online dating grows, the social networks giant will need to encourage individuals like Ruth that its dating service deserves utilizing over other popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Grindr and Hinge. Oh, and after that there’s that entire list of personal privacy issues.

On Thursday, the social networks giant stated it’s releasing Facebook Dating in the United States and prepares to broaden the function to Europe by early 2020. Facebook’s dating service, revealed at its designer conference in May 2018, is offered in 19 other nations consisting of Canada, Mexico and Singapore. Eventually, Facebook prepares to launch the service internationally.


Facebook Dating will begin letting you share Facebook and Instagram “Stories” by the end of this year. 


The social media is likewise incorporating Instagram functions within Facebook Dating, a relocation that might lure individuals in their late teenagers and into their 20s to check out the service. Facebook Dating users, who need to be at least 18 years of ages, will have the ability to include current Instagram posts to their dating profile. They can likewise include an Instagram fan as their “Secret Crush,” a function that lets users pick approximately 9 Facebook buddies they have an interest in romantically. By completion of this year, the social media strategies to bring Instagram and Facebook “Stories” to Facebook Dating, enabling users to publish images and videos that disappear within 24 hours so their profiles are less fixed. 

Facebook decreased to state the number of individuals utilize its dating service. The business’s endeavor into online dating might offer it a method to get users to invest more time on its app, draw in more profits and rope in a more youthful audience. 

“Facebook may be interested in this market because dating apps are really most popular among millennials,” stated Monica Peart, eMarketer’s vice president of forecasting. “This age group is quite prevalent and in more developing nations that skew younger and have very high Facebook usage.”

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How Facebook Dating works


US smartphone owners are turning to dating apps but adoption is growing slower than expected. In 2019, about 25.1 million adult smartphone users in the US are expected to use at least one dating app at least once per month, a 5.3% uptick compared with 2018, according to eMarketer. The market research company in July lowered its previous forecast of 9.8% growth. The forecast doesn’t include Facebook Dating, a feature within the social network’s main app.

Like Facebook, online dating apps also face their share of privacy and security concerns, including fake profiles, scams and cyberstalking. The social network was hit with a record $5 billion fine in July from the Federal Trade Commission for its alleged privacy mishaps. 

“Timing is interesting in light of certain scandals especially around privacy,” Peart said. “I think that’s a risk for Facebook in this arena.”

Nathan Sharp, product lead for Facebook Dating, said in an interview that the company built features to protect user privacy and safety. The company isn’t using data from the dating profiles for ad targeting. New accounts and those who repeatedly violate the site’s rules aren’t allowed on Facebook Dating, he said. You can block or report a profile. Users can’t send photos, videos, payments or links through the dating feature’s messaging service, which could help prevent scams and unwanted images.

“Facebook Dating’s chat service is like a trust sandbox, where you understand whether or not you trust the person enough to take it off to your (messaging service) of choice where you can share things like photos and videos,” Sharp said. 

Users of Facebook Dating are able to share when they’re going on a date and their live location with friends or family on Messenger. That could help them feel more comfortable about meeting strangers for the first time.

“One of the things that we’ve learned is that people take safety incredibly seriously in online dating, and for good reason,” he said.

How Facebook Dating compares 

When Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg first unveiled its dating service, he said the feature was “going to be for building real, long-term relationships, not just hookups.”

Sharp said Facebook Dating has helped users form relationships, but declined to share what percentage of users were in a relationship for longer than a month or six months, or got married. 

The company is building Facebook for everybody, Sharp said, even though some features might appeal to users of certain ages. The average age of a Facebook Dating user is younger than the average Facebook user, he said. 

Sharp wouldn’t give specifics, but according to eMarketer, Facebook’s US users skew older. The biggest percentage of Facebook users in the US is the group between 25 and 34 years old, at 23%, followed by those in the 35-44 range (19%). About 12% of US Facebook users are between 18 and 24.


Facebook will let you share your live location with friends and family on Messenger before you go on a date. 


Unlike its competitors, Facebook chose to release the feature within the social network instead of creating a separate app. Users are able to opt into the feature on its main menu next to other services such as Groups and Events. Your dating profile is separate from your Facebook profile and you’ll see potential matches with friends of friends or others who use the service. The social network suggests matches based on your interests, preferences and other activity on Facebook. 

Julie Evelyn Joyce, a 36-year-old Canadian who writes romance novels, said that when the dating feature first launched, she thought Facebook would do something “innovative.” She’s already on the social network so on the plus side she didn’t have to download a new app. 

Other users said they were wary about signing up for Facebook Dating because they worried their friends would discover they were on the service. Facebook said its dating feature won’t match you with friends unless you use the Secret Crush feature.

Seeing mutual friends can help spark a conversation, but Joyce also thinks Facebook Dating doesn’t stand out in a unique way. Joyce has used other dating apps including eHarmony, Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel. 

On Facebook Dating, you fill out basic profile information such as your city, job and where you went to college and answer ice-breaker questions like what your perfect date looks like. Instead of swiping on profiles like you do on Tinder and Bumble, you tap on a heart icon if you like the person or an X if you don’t. Facebook Dating will show users who liked you. You can also turn on a feature that lets you see if you’re in the same Facebook groups or attended the same concerts or events as other users.

So far, Joyce has gone out with two matches from Facebook Dating. The first fizzled out after a couple of dates, but she’s gone on three dates with another match and they’re still dating and conversing. 

Like many people who’ve tried online dating, she’s found that using these apps can feel like a job. When she first started online dating, it was almost like a game; you’d be flattered by the number of matches you get. Now she’s very selective about who she likes on these apps. 

When she’s finally found love, Joyce doesn’t plan to change her Facebook status to “in a relationship,” she said. “I’m going to say ‘ended my relationship with dating apps.'”

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