Facebook mediators require prolonged remote work, danger pay amidst COVID-19


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Angela Lang/CNET

More than 200 Facebook material mediators are differing with needing to go back to operate in workplaces amidst the continuous coronavirus pandemic. In an open letter released Wednesday, mediators state they’re being “forced” back into the workplace unless they have a medical professional’s note resolving their individual threat of capturing COVID-19. 

“Holding onto the job means walking into a hot zone,” checks out the letter, which was released through UK-based tech responsibility group Foxglove. The letter likewise points out the mental toll of a task that consists of screening for graphic material.

Facebook states it has about 15,000 material mediators all over the world. In May, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated some workers would have the ability to work from house completely.

“We appreciate the valuable work content reviewers do and we prioritize their health and safety,” a Facebook representative stated in a declaration. “The majority of these 15,000 global content reviewers have been working from home and will continue to do so for the duration of the pandemic. All of them have access to health care and confidential wellbeing resources from their first day of employment, and Facebook has exceeded health guidance on keeping facilities safe for any in-office work.”

In the letter, mediators likewise request danger pay. “Moderators who are working in the office on high-risk material (eg, child abuse) should be paid hazard pay of 1.5x their usual wage,” checks out the letter. They’re likewise requesting extra healthcare and psychiatric care. 

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