Facebook to develop 10,000 tasks in EU for ‘metaverse’ vision

Facebook to create 10,000 jobs in EU for 'metaverse' vision

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In this image illustration, the Facebook logo design is seen on a smart device screen with the EU flag in the background.

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LONDON– Facebook prepares to develop 10,000 tasks in the European Union over the next 5 years in a push to develop a digital world referred to as the “metaverse.”

The social networks giant stated on Sunday it would employ high-skilled engineers in nations throughout the bloc. The business is focusing its recruitment drive on Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Ireland.

“Europe is hugely important to Facebook,” Nick Clegg, Facebook’s head of worldwide affairs, and Javier Olivan, vice president of main items, stated in a post Sunday night.

“From the thousands of employees in the EU, to the millions of businesses using our apps and tools every day, Europe is a big part of our success, as Facebook is in the success of European companies and the wider economy.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed his vision for a metaverse inJuly The metaverse is a term utilized to explain digital worlds in which several individuals can connect within a 3D environment.

Facebook just recently revealed what it called its initial step into the metaverse– a work cooperation app where individuals convene in virtual truth.

A variety of other business, consisting of Microsoft, Roblox and Epic Games are investing greatly in their own variations of the metaverse.

“As we begin the journey of bringing the metaverse to life, the need for highly specialized engineers is one of Facebook’s most pressing priorities,” Clegg and Olivan stated.

“We look forward to working with governments across the EU to find the right people and the right markets to take this forward, as part of an upcoming recruitment drive across the region.”

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