Fact check: Donald Trump says ‘tremendous amounts’ of border wall already built – National


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WASHINGTON — As if recognizing a mirage within the southwestern desert, President Donald Trump and his aides are seeing a wall standing alongside the Mexico border the place none exists.

For months Trump has claimed that wall building is underneath approach and he’s introduced the matter to the forefront once more because the White Home presses lawmakers to release cash for what the president calls the “remaining sections.”

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That’s like toeing the beginning line and considering the remaining miles of a marathon.

In an argumentative Oval Workplace assembly Tuesday, Democratic leaders joined Trump in exaggerating the results of a partial authorities shutdown if a finances deal shouldn’t be reached by Dec. 21. A have a look at a few of the claims as Washington looked for that deal, with a border wall on the heart of rivalry.

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TRUMP: “Super quantities of wall have already been constructed.” — assertion in assembly with the Home Democratic chief, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Democratic chief, Chuck Schumer.

TRUMP: “Folks don’t but notice how a lot of the Wall, together with actually efficient renovation, has already been constructed.” ″We now have already constructed massive new sections & absolutely renovated others, making them like new.” — tweets.

THE FACTS: Super parts of the wall haven’t been constructed. Sure, some barrier renovation has occurred however little wall building has been accomplished underneath Trump.

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Congress allotted about $1.four billion within the spring — a bit greater than 5 p.c of what Trump wished — for border safety and specified that the cash was not for use for building of the prototype wall sections that stand close to San Diego. As an alternative, the cash is to strengthen or change current fencing with safer fencing.

Altogether, Trump promised within the marketing campaign that he’d construct a 1,000-mile (1,600 kilometer) wall, as excessive as 40 ft or 12 meters (and have Mexico pay for it, which isn’t taking place). If some 650 miles (1,050 km) of current fencing are thought-about within the equation, that leaves him with about 350 miles (560 km) of wall to construct.

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KELLYANNE CONWAY, Trump adviser: “You simply need to maintain saying ‘wall, wall, wall.’ … There are lots of methods to safe a border.” — to reporters asking Tuesday about Trump’s wall.

THE FACTS: Trump, in fact, has been saying wall, wall, wall, for the reason that 2015 Republican primaries, in a torrent of tweets and in numerous rallies. Or, as he put it in Tuesday’s tweet, “the Wall.” He’s described the fabric, the scale and the great thing about it, and had prototype sections constructed, and they’re of a wall, not a fence.

Federal officers — and Trump himself, at instances — have tried to reduce expectations by noting, for instance, that “there are locations the place you’ll be able to’t have a bodily wall,” as Conway put it Tuesday. “There are rivers. There’s brush.” However Trump already accounted for that when he promised 1,000 miles of wall to complement one other 1,000 miles of rivers and different pure obstacles.

“The Wall is the Wall, it has by no means modified or advanced from the primary day I conceived of it,” he tweeted in January, as if inviting voters to carry him to his literal promise.

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TRUMP: “If we don’t get what we would like a technique or one other … I’ll shut down the federal government.” — in assembly with Pelosi and Schumer.

SCHUMER, requested after the assembly what occurs if Trump doesn’t compromise: “He’ll get no wall and he’ll get a shutdown.”

PELOSI: A “Trump shutdown” could possibly be his “vacation president to the American individuals.”

THE FACTS: Everybody’s exaggerating. The federal government shouldn’t be vulnerable to closing if a deal shouldn’t be reached by Dec. 21.

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About three-quarters of the federal government will proceed to come up with the money for to function. However even a partial shutdown could possibly be disruptive. Among the many affected departments absent a deal: Homeland Safety, Transportation, Agriculture, State, Justice.

Congress has authorised continued financing of the Protection and Veterans Affairs departments, amongst different federal operations, and employees deemed important wouldn’t be idled.

Related Press author Elliot Spagat in San Diego contributed to this report.

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