Family Shocked To Discover An Uninvited Spiritual Guest In Image Taken At a Raya Open House


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Festive seasons in Malaysia usually imply open homes, which will be outlined as a celebration that’s open to all guests. However the place do you draw the road between a customer and an undesirable presence?

You don’t, as a result of undesirable presences doesn’t want your permission to benefit from the festivities.

Family Shocked To Discover An Uninvited Spiritual Guest In Image Taken At a Raya Open House - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

41 year-old Ramlah Kassim and her household had been attending her brother’s open home in Negeri Sembilan once they found an undesirable customer. As everybody was soaking within the ambiance, consuming fried noodles and Raya cookies, Ramlah’s nephew determined to take an image of the lounge which was full of individuals.

After he shared the picture of their household WhatsApp group, Ramlah was approached by her sister who requested her to step outdoors for a fast chat.

“My sister then showed me the photo taken by my nephew. Only God knows how shocked I was to see what looks like a woman with big hair, sitting near me, my sister and her kid.” Ramlah told mStar.

Once they returned to the house, they both informed their family members to check their family WhatsApp group. Everyone was shocked as clearly the only thing present where the woman was sitting was a container of Raya cookies left open for easy access.

Source: mStar

Ramlah described the woman in the photo’s position as literally sitting on top of the bottle. 

Fortunately, nothing weird happened to any of the family members for the rest of the night, though many speculated that someone with bad intentions might have sent the spirit. Others were even willing to joke about the incident, mentioning that the lady seemed to be dressed in a Kelantanese Baju Kurung, and so might have been there to join the celebrations.

Some even added that the lady looked like the ghost made popular by the local Malay movie, Hantu Kak Limah.

Source: Rotikaya

Ramlah mentioned that they were the last family to arrive at her brother’s house at about 7:40 in the evening, and Malay tradition dictates that it is unwise to be going in and out of the house after dark as that’s when spiritual beings roam.

She added that the moral of the story is that when attending an open house, do arrive at a suitable time.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, she just wanted to party. 


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