Fans Are Confused Over DaBaby’s JoJo Siwa Reference – E! Online

Fans Are Confused Over DaBaby's JoJo Siwa Reference - E! Online

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Well, this might be the most random star crossover of the year. 

On Feb. 19, rap artist DaBaby dropped his brand-new track “Beatbox Freestyle,” which includes some option lyrics about none besides previous Dance Moms star and present YouTube experience JoJo Siwa. The main lyrics of the tune are composed as follows: “Turn me up, n—as gon’ see why / N—a, you a bitch / JoJo Siwa.”

Fans were not surprisingly puzzled. One tweeted, “I need a backstory on why DaBaby called Jojo Siwa a bitch.” Another added, “no cause why did dababy call jojo siwa a bitch?? is it cause she taller than him? his daughter like her music better or sumn?”

A 3rd joked, “DaBaby dissin JoJo Siwa for absolutely no reason. this one of the craziest crossover episodes we’ve seen so far.”

JoJo, 17, isn’t the only star that DaBaby, 29, points out on his track. He likewise name drops Stevie Wonder and T.I., nevertheless, it’s uncertain why the Nickelodeon star got a shout out. Her face likewise appears in the rap artist’s video for the tune. 

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