Farmer Steals Chickens & Ducks to Raise Money for Gas After Purchasing RM1.2 Mil BMW



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We all know that being able to afford a luxury car doesn’t just stop at buying the car itself as the cost to maintain it can be quite taxing on your wallet. However, it looks like this man from China wasn’t aware of this and purchased a BMW without thinking about how hard it would be to maintain the car.

To cope with the cost of gas for his expensive BMW, a 50-year-old farmer from southwestern China allegedly began stealing ducks and chickens from villages in Linshui county, Sichuan province since April.

The wealthy farmer, who lives in a multi-story villa, apparently started running into financial problems and needed money to pay for gas after purchasing the BMW which cost 2 million yuan (RM1,203,490). According to Chengdu Business Daily, he described the car as a “thirsty” vehicle.

Source: NextShark

The man then decided to steal ducks and chickens and started breeding them at his home, and once the birds were in a stable condition to be sold, he made the necessary arrangements with potential buyers.

However, the man’s hopes of keeping his BMW running was crushed when the police detected his activities through CCTV footage on the rural roads. Their first attempt at catching him on 22 May was unsuccessful as his BMW was too fast for them.

Source: NextShark

“He was driving a luxury car and it’s just much faster, so we can’t catch up,” police director Zhang Hua said.

Eventually, they managed to arrest the farmer who often used his motorcycle late at night to carry out his thievery.

Well, desperate times calls for desperate measures, right?  Next time, just make sure you have your financials planned out before making crazy purchases like this one here!


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