Farmer Wants a Wife Stars Reveal the Hardest Part of Dating

Farmer Wants a Wife Stars Reveal the Hardest Part of Dating

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These farmers are quite house on the variety.

On the brand-new truth dating program Farmer Wants a Wife, premiering March 8 on Fox, 4 farmers–Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, Landon Heaton and Allen Foster— welcome a group of city ladies into their rural, blue collar resides in the hopes of discovering love.

It would be simple, naturally, to presume that these farmers are absolutely nothing more than synthetic cowboys playing gown up for the cams. If that’s your presumption, nevertheless, they wish to welcome you for a go to.

“Come out!” Landon, a 35- year-old livestock rancher and farmer from Stillwater,Okla solely informed E!News “See if you can make it one day. I’ll give you one day on my ranch. If you can make it through, I’ll give you my respect.”

Similarly, Allen, a 32- year-old livestock rancher from Williamsport,Tenn who talked to E! while driving his semi-truck through Kansas, stated, “I’d tell ‘em, ‘Come for a visit, let’s hang out.’ I’ll just let that talk for itself.”

Ryan, a 32- year-old horseman and breeder from Shelby, N.C. hopes Farmer Wants a Wife assists audiences acquire a much deeper gratitude for how they make their living.

“The way we live our life is for no one else,” Ryan informed E!News “We love what we do. We didn’t know this was going to be part of our life. We weren’t doing this for anything. We were doing it because our grandfathers did it, our great-grandfathers did it. It’s who we are. Without it, we would be half of who we are.”

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