Five things we learnt as Gable and Benjamin become No1 contenders


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AFTER the shock end to Hell in a Cell – which saw Sami Zayn save Kevin Owens from Shane

McMahon’s 40ft elbow drop – there was a lot to explain on SmackDown LIVE last night.

Here are five things we learnt from the show.

 Gable and Benjamin hit an inverted doomsday device
Gable and Benjamin hit an inverted doomsday device
 Sami Zayn and KO are friends again after Smackdown
Sami Zayn and KO are friends again after Smackdown

Gable and Benjamin are the new number one contenders

After their incredible match at Hell in a Cell, tag champs The Usos and New Day opened last

night’s show. Rather than start fighting again, the teams called a truce.

But before they could shake hands The Hype Bros, Breezango, Chad Gable and Shelton

Benjamin and the Ascension interrupted.

GM Daniel Bryan made a four corners match to determine the No1 contenders –

which Gable and Benjamin won after a series of electric suplexes and double-team moves.

The real news though is that the Hype Bros collided after some miscommunication – a split

and heel turn from Rawley is imminent.

It also looks like the Usos are babyfaces now. They deserve some cheers after a great heel

run and last Sunday’s match. The sickly sweet good guys they used to play are long gone.

KO and Sami Zayn are best buds again

Sami came out to explain his actions at Hell in a Cell.

He said that Kevin Owens powerboming him two weeks ago opened his eyes.

He also realised that Shane McMahon didn’t care about him – he only cared about

destroying Owens.

Sami said playing the good guy only helped him achieved mediocrity – while the villainous

KO has become a multi-time champion. The pair then hugged it out.

It’s hard to imagine Sami as a heel – he’s so naturally likable – and we have to wonder if it

would have made more sense to reunite them by turning KO babyface.

At least Sami is (hopefully) getting the push he deserves.

WWE can’t make up its mind about Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

First they were in the Wyatt Family. Then they weren’t. Then they were again. Then they


Then they were feuding as singles competitors. And then they disappeared from TV.

Now Harper and Rowan are reunited and called the “Bludgeon Brothers” – a gimmick that

has “we’ll be back in the Wyatt Family in no time” written all over it.

Make up your mind, WWE.

Dolph Ziggler isn’t the only one who doesn’t want a rematch

Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler exchanged words in a dreadful promo, which sounded like

both men kept forgetting their lines and cues.

Ziggler called Roode a cheat for pulling Ziggler’s tights in their match at Hell in a Cell. So

Roode offered him a rematch – but Ziggler bottled it.

We don’t want to see a rematch either. Roode needs another – more relevant – opponent


SmackDown’s recent record with NXT call-ups his poor (Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye

Dillinger). We don’t want to see them kill Roode’s heat too with this rubbish feud.

Baron Corbin is still US Champion

Bazza got a crafty win to win the US title at Hell in a Cell, leading to a rematch last night with

former champ AJ Styles.

Corbin beat Styles with End of Days before cutting a promo on the crowd, claiming he’d get

a boat to sail on their river of tears.

(Was that meant to be funny? Because it sort of was.)

The feud between Corbin and Styles clearly isn’t over, but it should be. Styles is too good to

be wasted on the terminally dull Corbin.

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