Fox News Poll: Voters split on abortion, but majority wants Roe v. Wade to endure


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On the heels of controversial late-term abortion laws from New York and Virginia in January and an early February Supreme Court docket ruling blocking a Louisiana state regulation that will have restricted entry to the process, the newest Fox Information Ballot finds that voters stay divided on the problem.

The ballot, carried out February 10-12 and launched Wednesday, finds 44 p.c of voters figuring out as pro-life, whereas 46 p.c are pro-choice.  That’s just like July 2018:  42 p.c pro-life vs. 45 p.c pro-choice.

Democrats (72 p.c), ladies (52 p.c), and voters beneath age 45 (53 p.c) are almost equally as prone to be pro-choice as Republicans (71 p.c), males (49 p.c), and people over 45 (51 p.c) are to be pro-life.  Independents are break up, 42 p.c pro-life vs. 43 p.c pro-choice.


And when requested about their familiarity with essentially the most well-known of abortion circumstances, Roe v. Wade, just below half (48 p.c) say they’re “extraordinarily” or “very” conversant in the ruling whereas the very same quantity are “considerably” or “by no means” acquainted.

Furthermore, 57 p.c of voters say the Supreme Court docket ought to let the 46-year previous ruling stand; that quantity jumps to 68 p.c amongst those that are conversant in the case.

Majorities of Democrats (73 p.c), voters ages 45 and over (63 p.c), ladies (59 p.c), Catholics (59 p.c), and males (54 p.c) all really feel the case ought to be left alone.  Even pluralities of Republicans (43 p.c stand vs. 37 p.c overturn) and Protestants (49-29 p.c) would let the ruling stand.

On January 22, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into regulation the Reproductive Well being Act, which permits for abortions after 24 weeks if a girl’s well being is in danger or if the fetus just isn’t viable.  Moreover, a regulation launched in early January by a Democratic lawmaker in Virginia would have additionally loosened restrictions on late-term abortions, however the invoice was put aside.

So how do voters really feel about late-term abortions?  Voters take a extra nuanced view about late-term abortions than the standard pro-choice/pro-life divide. One-in-ten (11 p.c) suppose a girl’s proper to have an abortion within the third trimester of being pregnant ought to “all the time” be authorized, whereas 43 p.c say “solely in some circumstances,” and 37 p.c say “by no means.”

Majorities of Republicans (58 p.c) and white evangelical Christians (61 p.c) suppose late-term abortions ought to be wholly unlawful. Republican ladies (65 p.c) are among the many most against third-trimester abortion.

Amongst ladies total, 52 p.c are pro-choice and 54 p.c say third-trimester abortions ought to both be authorized in all (11 p.c) or some circumstances (43 p.c).

The Fox Information ballot relies on landline and cellphone interviews with 1,004 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide and was carried out beneath the joint course of Beacon Analysis (D) (previously named Anderson Robbins Analysis) and Shaw & Firm Analysis (R) from February 10-12, 2019. The ballot has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three proportion factors for all registered voters.

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