Francesca Farago Shares Plans to Freeze Eggs After Engagement

Francesca Farago Shares Plans to Freeze Eggs After Engagement

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Francesca Farago is constructing a future with her best match.

The Too Hot to Handle alum spoke up about her household strategies after just recently getting engaged to TikToker Jesse Sullivan According to the 29- year-old, not just will she be freezing her eggs later on this year, however Jesse– who came out as transgender in 2019 and utilizes he/him pronouns– will be going through the exact same treatment too.

“We have everything planned out,” Francesca shared on the May 3 episode of the Sofia With an F podcast. “We’re probably going to try and get the eggs this summer. We need to get his eggs and mine and put them in a dish and fertilize them.”

Jesse, who is papa to 14- year-old Arlo from a previous relationship, even more detailed their being a parent prepares to invite not one, however 2 members to their household.

“We’re going to make embryos and use Arlo’s other biological dad for the sperm,” Jesse described, including that the strategy is the freeze the embryos up until Francesca is “ready to carry.”