French navy deploys albatrosses to detect illegal fishing


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Vessels fishing illegally usually change off their automated identification system (AIS) to keep away from being tracked by satellite tv for pc, however they can’t navigate safely with out emitting low-level radar indicators, which the birds’ transceivers can detect as they fly overhead.

Small transceivers will be mounted on albatrosses' backs.

Small transceivers will likely be mounted on albatrosses’ backs.

Crusing with out radar within the tough waters of the Indian Ocean can be extraordinarily reckless. “Radars imply security, particularly for unlawful ships that should detect and keep away from naval vessels,” mentioned Henri Weimerskirch, of the Chize Organic Analysis Centre in western France. “Half of the boats we detected didn’t have their AIS switched on.”

The transceivers, weighing lower than 60 grams, will likely be mounted on the albatrosses’ backs. They will decide up radar indicators inside a radius of greater than 5 kilometres. Scientists may even use them to trace the birds and analyse their feeding habits.

Eighteen of the 22 species of albatross are threatened, some with extinction, in accordance with the Worldwide Union for the Conservation of Nature. Industrial long-line fishing poses a significant menace to seabirds. A whole lot of 1000’s drown every year after being ensnared in fishing strains or nets as they swoop all the way down to catch fish.

Greater than 50 million birds stay within the French Southern and Antarctic Nature Reserve, which incorporates the Indian Ocean waters policed by France, in accordance with Cedric Marteau, head of the reserve. “That is the very best focus [of birds] on the planet and the explosion of fishing after 2000 has precipitated lasting injury to the delicate pure steadiness,” he mentioned.

The transceiver beacons, developed by scientists from France and New Zealand, will likely be fitted on albatrosses over the subsequent 5 months in an operation referred to as Ocean Sentinel.

Many vessels that fish in prohibited waters intentionally create confusion about their identities and nationalities.

A report by the Environmental Justice Basis revealed that they attempt to escape detection by altering vessel names and flags, concealing possession or eradicating ships from registers.

Chinese language-flagged vessels have usually been suspected of breaching rules, in accordance with campaigners. Others have been registered in Panama, Belize or Malaysia, however even when ships are tracked with GPS and satellite tv for pc programs, catching them within the act and taking their homeowners and operators to courtroom can show troublesome and expensive.


To keep away from being apprehended by French authorities within the southern Indian Ocean, many vessels that fish illegally now want to function in worldwide waters, together with Asian and South American trawlers that not often use fowl deterrent units, officers mentioned.

Telegraph, London

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