Furious traveler punches stewardess’s teeth out ‘over face mask row’

    Enraged passenger hits flight attendant knocking out two of her teeth

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    Footage on board an aircraft reveals the stunning minute an angered traveler punched out the teeth of an air person hosting.

    Both Southwest and American Airlines have actually considering that prohibited sales of alcohol on flights.

    The female apparently ended up being angry when she was asked to put her mask over her nose and get ready for landing in California’s San Diego International Airport.

    Police jailed Vyvianna Quinonez, 28, right away after the event and charged her with felony battery.

    The stewardess lost 2 teeth and continual small facial injuries on the flight from Sacramento.

    Credit danger expert Michelle Manner, 57, was sat 2 rows behind when difficulty began developing in between the 2 ladies and she began tape-recording.

    ‘There was an altercation about five minutes before the fight,’ she stated, ‘I observed the shrieking backward and forward.

    ‘It had to do with using face masks all the method over your nose.

    Vyvianna Quinonez has been charged with battery after an air hostess's teeth were knocked out on board a Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego.

    A female was jailed and charged with battery after the event (Picture: Emily Manley)

    ‘I had my phone currently in my hand when the flight attendant returned out to yell some more at the travelers – so I struck video rather rapidly.

    ‘I believed, “Oh my God, is this really happening?”

    ‘I focused on holding my phone still so that the video can serve its purpose, including evidence.’

    Her video appears to programs Quinonez, who is beinged in an aisle seat at the back of the aircraft, leap up and start striking the bad stewardess as other travelers yell.

    She continues to toss punches up until a guy actions in between them and orders her to stop.

    Airline restricts booze after drunk passenger assaults flight attendant so badly her two teeth were knocked out

    The stewardess lost 2 teeth and had blood leaking down her face (Picture: Emily Manley)

    Michelle stated travelers were stunned into silence later on: ‘It was dead quiet because aircraft. Nobody stated a word.

    ‘We landed and we were all asked to stay in our seats while the police were on their way.’

    The declared opponent was taken into cops custody and charged with federal battery, along with offered a life time restriction from flying with Southwest Airlines.

    The run-in resulted in an alcohol restriction on all flights from the airline company up until completion of July to avoid more comparable occurrences.

    Agencies and authorities in the U.S.A. have actually solidified their position on rowdy travelers, with some recommending a significant crackdown might see charges of approximately $15,000 generated.

    The Federal Aviation Administration stated that from January 1 to May 24, there were approximately 2,500 reports of rowdy behaviour by travelers, consisting of about 1,900 reports of individuals declining to abide by the guideline to use masks.

    A representative for Southwest Airlines stated: ‘The traveler consistently disregarded basic in-flight directions and ended up being verbally and physically violent upon landing.

    ‘Law enforcement authorities were asked for to fulfill the flight upon arrival, and the traveler was collared.

    ‘We do not condone or tolerate verbal or physical abuse of our flight crews, who are responsible for the safety of our passengers.’

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