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Gabby Calls The Bachelorette Finale a

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Next up, Gabby presented Erich, her last suitor, to her moms and dads, auntie and Bachelor Nation fan favorite Grandpa John The go to itself went effectively, with Erich informing Gabby’s household, “I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Back to Rachel, who was still reeling from the complicated discussion with Aven when she presented Tino to her household. Tino was really uncomfortable and anxious, not able to link the very same method that Aven did. When Big Tony challenged Tino about Tino’s household not preference Rachel, Tino revealed that he was simply as surprised, stating, “To be honest, all I talk with my dad about is sports.”

However, he guaranteed Rachel’s household that they would happen and ended the day remarking, “I feel a little bit in awe of how well meeting Rachel’s family went.”

With possible engagements on the horizon, Rachel and Aven clearly still had plenty to go over. Rachel visited his space, informing him she felt “blindsided” by his obviously abrupt insinuation that he wasn’t all set to get engaged.

“I want to leave here with you,” Aven informedRachel “I want that more than anything. I’m sitting here trying to fight for it.”

But, Rachel would not accept it.

Rachel broke down sobbing and informed Aven that things were over in between them. As they both sobbed, they hugged and Aven whispered, “I’m sorry, Rachel.”

Aven, obviously, was backstage and came out for a live individually discussion with Rachel, where they both hashed things out. Aven stated he was sorry for not informing Rachel about his engagement hesitancy prior to her good friends, eventually stating, “I didn’t fully understand what you needed and what you wanted.”