Gabby Petito’s Friends Allege Brian Laundrie Relationship Was “Toxic”

Gabby Petito's Friends Allege Brian Laundrie Relationship Was

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Friends of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie supposedly found warnings in their relationship long prior to the deadly cross-country journey.

Before her death was verified onSept 21, Utah authorities reacted to 911 call that reported a declared “domestic problem” in between the couple, with the caller stating Laundrie was “slapping”Petito The 22- year-old blog writer was seen weeping in authorities body web cam video onAug 12, discussing she was “fighting” with fiancé Laundrie.

Authorities stated he went back to his house in Florida without her onSept 1, and his household has actually not seen him given thatSept 14. He stays an individual of interest in the FBI and authorities examination.

However, “things weren’t 100% wonderful” in between the couple when Laundrie’s buddy, Ben Matula, understood them as teenagers in Long Island, NewYork “There was always something below the surface,” he informed People for a short article onSept 22.

“One minute, they’d be all over each other, the next minute, he’d be like, ‘We’re fighting,'” he declared. “They always had some drama.”

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