‘Game of Thrones’ villains, ranked


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It’s Villain Week right here at Mashable. In honor of the discharge of Venom, we’re celebrating all our favourite evildoers from movie and TV all week lengthy. Spooky, scary!

Recreation of Thrones is a franchise filled with horror and demise, and many character are responsible for all that horror and demise.

However creator George R. R. Martin has said on quite a few events that he wrote the fantasy collection to intentionally subvert the style tropes of “good vs. evil.” All his characters, together with most of his protagonists, are usually not all good nor all dangerous. They’re human, falling someplace within the gradient of the gray ethical space between the 2.

However the world these morally gray characters have been born into is harsh and unforgiving. And thus, it is led practically each one in every of them to commit acts of true villainy.

We put collectively an exhaustive listing of Recreation of Thrones characters, and ranked them on a scale of most to least justified evil-doing (primarily based on what we all know thus far):

54. Hodor

A real sufferer of this villainous world. Did what he was instructed ’til demise: Held. The. Door.

53. Shireen Baratheon

Ostracized all her life, and one of many solely pure souls on this listing. By no means did something mistaken, regardless of being born to a mom who hated her and a lobster of a father. Deserved higher.

52. Gilly

Sweetie pie — #ProtectGilly. Has lived via a lot, and comes out stronger every time. Sam took credit score for her main discovery about Rhaegar’s divorce and it nonetheless burns us up.


50. Samwell Tarly

Principally nice! His cowardice put his brothers at risk just a few occasions, however because of this his physique depend is decrease than most. 

49. Mira & Jojen

Additionally received a uncooked ass deal. Dove into hazard and the unknown with nothing however a prophecy and sense of obligation to guard what is true. By no means rewarded or thanked. Bran can fuck proper off.

48. Missandei

Nothing to see right here, simply the girl who ought to have dominated Slaver’s Bay as an alternative of Daenerys.

47. Gray Worm

Good, an angel, however necessary sufficient to be on the listing. Was an unintended peeping tom that one time. Most likely compelled to do horrible issues in Unsullied coaching, however that is not his fault.

Sweet baby child Shireen was not long for the villainy of "Game of Thrones"

Candy child youngster Shireen was not lengthy for the villainy of “Recreation of Thrones”

46. Davos

Sweetest, most honorable smuggler you will ever discover. A household man, who vowed to do proper by the world after gaining the means and alternative to take action. Caught to his phrase. Additionally, how a lot evil might be in a person who they name the Onion Knight?

45. Tommen Baratheon

Not robust sufficient to face as much as his mom and save his spouse/court docket. However probably not his fault. He additionally turned out half first rate regardless of having Cersei for a mom and Joffrey for a brother.

44. Ned Stark

Lied about Jon Snow his entire life. So obsessive about the concept of obligation and honor that he could not make the arduous calls that may’ve prevented actually each horrible factor that adopted his demise. Ought to have listened to the deserter in Episode 1, but by some means trusts everybody else too simply. 

Tyrion is caught in a moral grey area, thanks to his family lineage

Tyrion is caught in an ethical gray space, due to his household lineage

43. Jon Snow

Needed to make his spying mission troublesome by falling in love. Tries to do the suitable factor, however was blinded by the Ned Stark plague of getting individuals killed by being blinded by honor and goodness. Received himself killed within the course of. Might’ve actually completed a greater job on the struggle in opposition to the useless if he simply defined it higher.

Jon Snow knowing nothing is not good

Jon Snow figuring out nothing isn’t good

42. Tyrion Lannister

Solely alive by a preponderance of destiny and others intervening for him. Killed his crap dad. Has maybe sided with a dragon-riding maniac. Horrible style in girls. 

41. Brienne of Tarth

Her loyalty to Renly was outsized however real. Killed a bunch of individuals in her tunnel imaginative and prescient strategy to loyalty.

40. Sansa Stark 

The one factor Sansa has ever completed mistaken is lie concerning the direwolf assault and inform Cersei about Ned’s plans, and he or she was coerced into doing so by the requirements of womanhood and a system that stored her deliberately at nighttime concerning the true nature of her place on this planet. Additionally perhaps might have instructed Jon concerning the Vale knights however she had motive to not belief him.

Everyone is way too hard on Sansa

Everyone seems to be manner too arduous on Sansa

39. Margaery Tyrell

Manipulative and opportunistic, however by no means with out motive. Type in her personal manner. Not a killer although (that we all know of?)

38. Ygritte 

Principally OK. Undoubtedly a assassin, however so is everybody else. And displaying Jon Snow easy methods to (briefly) loosen up was an act of public service.

37. Arya Stark

Tiny little homicide munchkin. Very opposed response to childhood trauma. Killed her first pigeon at 9 and is now Rambo. Might stand to up her communication expertise. However her want for vengeance is form of very a lot justified, all issues thought-about.

Arya might be a rampaging murderer, but we can't stop rooting for her

Arya is perhaps a rampaging assassin, however we will not cease rooting for her

36. Robb Stark 

Dumbass couldn’t abdomen the concept of conserving a mistress so he torpedoed the Northern Trigger. 

35. Doran Martell

Good intentions, however ineffective. Sins akin to that of Chidi in The Good Place.

34. Oberyn Martell

Revenge trumped any sense of logic, resulting in his deadly, too flashy combat in opposition to the Mountain. Left his household defenseless within the wake of his demise. Ought to have worn a helmet.

33. Jaime Lannister 

Had an actual tough begin there. Pushed a child out of a window within the first episode and all of it kinda went downhill from there…till it began going uphill? Took an irredeemable blow to his honor by turning into a Kingslayer to guard King’s Touchdown — and by no means instructed anybody. Redemption arc isn’t completed but. Wait and see. 

A Kingslayer, but no one will ever know how justified his villainy was

A Kingslayer, however nobody will ever know the way justified his villainy was

32. Gendry 

Didn’t observe instructions and blew his cowl as Robert’s son, which might have led to a disaster of the crown. Additionally, weak to the hearth goddess boobies and, from some views, unintended at fault within the magic spell that killed all the opposite 5 Kings (together with Robb).

31. Bran Stark

Was fairly OK for probably the most half, however now he’s Google? Undoubtedly shouldn’t have touched the Night time King in that imaginative and prescient, as a result of now Hodor and Leaf (and all the opposite Kids of the Forest) are useless and there’s no going again. Additionally WTF with that informal remark about Sansa trying lovely on her Rape Marriage ceremony day??? Fuck you.

30. Daenerys Targaryen

Ostensibly the protagonist however actually likes burning individuals alive. Took over Slaver’s Bay with no actual plan on easy methods to re-stabilize the area. Gotta get again to the burning although, she burned so many individuals. And from the angle of all of the cities she “frees” (together with Westeros), she seems to be like little greater than an invading conqueror.

29. Varys

Onerous to say, since who is aware of what’s his deal, actually? Voted for Robert to assassinate Daenerys, then helped her. Is perhaps one of many solely real Westerosi loyalists to the individuals. However IDK. Villain standing undetermined, and he likes it that manner. 

Daenerys might justify her cruelty, but it's all a matter of perspective

Daenerys would possibly justify her cruelty, but it surely’s all a matter of perspective

28. Melisandre

Absolute shit at deciphering prophecy with HORRIBLE outcomes. Burned a baby alive, wasted Stannis’s military. Bandwagon jumper. Birthed a shadowy nightmare murderer for fratricidal functions. Nevertheless, like Varys, justifies her motion as a part of the larger good and appears to genuinely imagine it. Villainy standing stays to be seen.

27. Jaqen H’gar

Certain, the numerous murders are purposefully stored a gray ethical space. However might have been a bit much less imprecise about what he was asking of Arya. Terrorized and blinded a traumatized youngster. Despatched a success man (hit youngster?)  after her too. 

26. Renly Baratheon

Silly child who thought he deserved the crown for no motive, and with no concept of what it will take or easy methods to maintain it. Shouldn’t have listened to Loras. However factors for being cute to Brienne.

25. Loras Tyrell

Yeah he’s killed individuals however everybody has. Satisfied Renly to make an unlawful bid for the throne which additional fractured the realm and received us all on this mess. 

24. Stannis Baratheon

Is it about duty for Stannis? Or more like power and a sexy witch?

Is it about obligation for Stannis? Or extra like energy and a horny witch?

Obsessed along with his obligation, which isn’t a horrible factor. However teamed up with a witch to get his dick moist and received far more than he bargained for. Gave the OK to burn his personal rattling lovely and sort daughter. Caught up grammar nazi.

23. Yara Greyjoy

Really fairly dope, however she’s nonetheless a Greyjoy who’s completed fairly shitty Greyjoy issues. And pirating. 

Can you blame a badass like Olenna for badassing?

Are you able to blame a badass like Olenna for badassing?

22. Bronn

Cash over morals in each sense of the phrase. Not an excellent justification. Lotsa homicide. Harm Drogon (very distressing).

21. Olenna Tyrell

Orchestrated regicide (he was a shit king, however nonetheless a child) and let Sansa take the autumn for it (additionally a baby). Greatest badass on the listing by a mile. Additionally, it is a man’s world. And Olenna ensured her matriarchal-heavy home’s survived for so long as it did. Not like Tywin, she did all of it to guard household and never simply legacy.

20. Sandor Clegane

Homicidal lapdog to King Joffrey turned abusive (although hilarious) journey associate. Had few months’ run there however went proper again to homicide o’clock on the first setback. Empathy factors for traumatizing childhood he is at the very least trying to beat, although.

We feel you, Sandor

We really feel you, Sandor

19. Robert Baratheon

Drunk, abusive dummy who began THE struggle over a lady who didn’t even like him and lied about her being kidnapped and raped. Liable for existence of Joffrey. Let his personal spouse achieve murdering him earlier than he might stabilize the realm. Put the realm in debilitating debt.

18. Theon Greyjoy

An actual curler coaster up and down the alignment chart. Betrayed the Starks regardless of them treating him nicely, burned Winterfell, killed two harmless boys, received tortured and brainwashed, didn’t assist Sansa till the literal final second. Attempting to make amends now however like…that’s lots of purple in his ledger. But additionally empathy factors for rising up an ostracized however pampered prisoner of struggle. 

17. Rhaegar Targaryen

Simply get a fucking divorce in public, oh my god. Have a look at what you did. Additionally supposedly began this complete, decades-long struggle over a prophecy promising glory? Nope.

Rhaegar literally could've avoided all of this death and war

Rhaegar actually might’ve prevented all of this demise and struggle

16. Khal Drogo

Marital rape (on the present, at the very least) was a factor for some time. Was a genocidal warlord. However form of born into it in that confused tradition, and appeared keen to take heed to his spouse and considerably change his ethics.  

15. Jorah Mormont

Can’t take a touch. Betrayed Daenerys within the hopes of going again to an objectively shittier life in Westeros. Bought slaves.  

Sir Friend Zone has some explaining to do

Sir Pal Zone has some explaining to do

14. Ellaria Sand

Didn’t should kill Myrcella. Senselessly perpetuated the cycle of violence. Annoying daughters. However we give some respect for her love for nation and household, nonetheless misguided.

13. Shae

Betrayed Tyrion below stress, which was dangerous sufficient, however then she banged his dad proper after he sentenced Tyrion to demise. In her protection, Tyrion by no means ought to have introduced her to King’s Touchdown and he or she was at all times in over her head.

12. Cersei Lannister

Simply attempting to guard her youngsters…however doesn’t have any extra youngsters and now simply desires to blow stuff up. Needs the North to die in a zombie apocalypse. Def had her husband killed however which will have been justified. Murdered greater than half the the Aristocracy in a single fell swoop. Was going to poison her personal son. However her villainy usually comes again to traumas of being a lady in such a patriarchal society. Undoubtedly not “Tywin Lannister with teats.”

Cersei might be a straight up villain, but there are reasons behind it

Cersei is perhaps a straight up villain, however there are causes behind it

11. Lysa Arryn

Clearly unstable after years of jealousy. Spoils her child, killed her husband, nearly murdered Sansa. Must maintain it down within the bed room, the Eyrie actually echoes. Actually no motive for her to behave like such a shit on a regular basis, besides maybe psychological sickness.

10. Viserys Targaryen

Unwell-equipped for all times or energy, bought his sister to a horse struggle lord and threatened gang rape if she did not comply. Beat girls. Very whiny. 

9. Night time King

Scorching (chilly?) take: The Night time King and White Walkers will certainly get some kind of justification within the finale season. Arguably solely began constructing a military and occurring the defensive after the dragons have been born, which is a large risk to his type’s survival.

eight. Tywin Lannister

Uncared for his son, tried to manage the world, was tremendous with murdering mentioned uncared for son. Ordered the Pink Marriage ceremony and the autumn of Home Castamere. Did all of it to guard legacy, not household.

The Night King is just misunderstood!

The Night time King is simply misunderstood!

7. Walder Frey 

Jealous, incestuous, abusive, homicidal rapist and unintentional (truthfully questionable) cannibal. Hosted the Pink Marriage ceremony and killed a lifelong ally and childhood good friend due to a slight. At all times late. 

6. Roose Bolton

The North will always remember the Pink Marriage ceremony, and what you personally did to Cat, you energy hungry, psycho-birthing Judas.

5. Gregor Clegane 

Actually a cartoon Black Knight. Rapist, baby-smasher, assassin. Is a zombie now, so the morality of his present actions are debatable.

Gregor may be brain dead, but he wasn't too justified before either

Gregor could also be mind useless, however he wasn’t too justified earlier than both

four. Petyr Baelish

High to backside one of many worst people ever. Engineered Jon Arryn’s demise, manipulated *checks notes* each single one in every of these characters. Bought Sansa to the Boltons. Says he was doing all of it for love, however really simply due to childhood grudges. Large pile of yikes.

three. Joffrey Baratheon

Genuinely disturbed, egocentric, homicidal maniac. Tortured and killed girls. A coward. Impolite. Minimize a uncommon e-book in half!!! No motive for any of this habits apart from being spoiled by Cersei.

2. Euron Greyjoy

Method worse within the books, however one of the revolting human beings regardless. Additionally dangerous plan however acts cocksure about it on this manner that makes us really feel like he deserves a punch.

The evil of bad writing is embodied by Ramsay Bolton

The evil of dangerous writing is embodied by Ramsay Bolton

1. Ramsay Bolton

The place will we even begin? A psychopath who loves each dangerous factor on this planet. Killed a whole lot, a serial rapist, a individuals hunter, a torturer, murdered his toddler brother and stepmother, starved his canine. Worst half? Terribly written character with no compelling motive for current in any respect.

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