George Floyd ‘might be me’

George Floyd 'could be me'

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Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier informed CNBC on Monday that George Floyd, an unarmed black guy who passed away at the hands of Minneapolis cops, might have been him.

“What the African American community sees in that videotape is that this African American man, who could be me or any other African American man, is being treated as less than human,” Frazier stated in a “Squawk Box” interview.

Protests have actually emerged throughout the United States over the death of Floyd. Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis policeman was recorded kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes prior to Floyd passed away as other officers waited. He was fired by the department and later on apprehended on charges of third-degree murder and murder charges.

“What the community saw was, until they went out into the streets, this officer — much less even the other officers — was not even going to be arrested for what was clearly inhumane treatment of a citizen,” Frazier stated.

He kept in mind racial injustices throughout U.S. society, from education to healthcare to the criminal justice system.

“Even though we don’t have laws that separate people on the basis of race anymore, we still have customs, we still have beliefs, we still have policies and practices that lead to inequities,” Frazier stated.

As a kid maturing in Philadelphia in the 1960s, Frazier, 65, was amongst inner-city African Americans bused out to schools more than an hour away.

“I know for sure that what put my life on a different trajectory was that someone intervened to give me an opportunity, to close that opportunity gap,” he stated. “And that opportunity gap is still there.”

Frazier stated that leaders in business neighborhood can be a “unifying force” and have the capability to produce tasks and brand-new chances. More than 41 million Americans have actually lost their tasks considering that mid-March as the coronavirus pandemic overthrows the U.S. economy.

“Joblessness leads to hopelessness,” he stated. “Hopelessness leads to what we see in the streets.”

Before Frazier was talked to, Black Entertainment Television creator Robert Johnson informed “Squawk Box” the U.S. federal government need to offer $14 trillion of reparations for slavery to help in reducing racial inequality.

“Now is the time to go big,” the 74-year-old Johnson stated.

To Frazier, modification through the “polarized” U.S. political system is harder.

“I don’t believe that we’ll be able to get anything like that through our political system,” he stated.

As the nation likewise comes to grips with the pandemic, Frazier likewise advised unity after the civil discontent and health crisis both pass.

“The fact of the matter is no one of us can rebuild this great country, and the good news is none of us has to do it our own,” he stated. “Together, we can actually make this the country that stands for the ideals that have always been behind it.”

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