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iPhone 14

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You might have gotten Apple’s iPhone 14 as a present for the vacations. If you’re updating from a much older iPhone design, there’s going to be a little a knowing curve when it pertains to browsing your new iPhone.

If you were talented the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, you might be questioning what a Dynamic Island is (that bit drifting graphic at the top of your screen). If you were talented any of the iPhone 14 designs, you’ll would like to know what emergency situation SOS by means of satellite is and how to utilize it. There are likewise little hacks you ought to learn about, such as modifying or unsending iMessages, which I utilize all the time and can actually be available in useful.

Here are some iPhone 14 ideas and techniques to get you began.

How to modify or unsend an iMessage

How to modify an iMessage in iOS 16

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You can now modify and erase iMessages you have actually currently sent out. This next function works for anybody who has actually an iPhone launched in 2017 or later on. Just ensure your iPhone is working on iOS 16 or more recent. (You can examine by going to Settings > > General > > About.)

You’ll have just 2 minutes to unsend an iMessage and 15 minutes to modify an iMessage. This perk does not deal with SMS text, the type that appears as green bubbles rather of blue ones. And it just works if the other individual you’re texting likewise has iOS 16 or more recent set up.

To modify an iMessage:

  • Open iMessage.
  • Press and hold the message you wish to modify.
  • A Quick Actions menu will appear.
  • Tap Edit.
  • Choose Edit to alter the message.
  • Once you’re done modifying, struck the blue check mark.
  • You can modify a single message as much as 5 times.
  • You’ll have 15 minutes from the time you sent it to alter your message.

To unsend an iMessage:

  • Open iMessage.
  • Press and hold the message you wish to unsend.
  • A Quick Actions menu will appear.
  • Tap Undo Send.
  • Undo Send develops to 2 minutes after sending out.
  • When you attempt to unsend iMessages that were sent out to somebody running iOS 15 or earlier software application, they might still have the ability to see them.
  • If the individual you are texting has iOS 16, a message will appear stating you unsent a text. The individual you’re texting will not understand what that message was, as long as they didn’t see a sneak peek of that text when the initial iMessage was sent out.

How to erase replicate pictures

A brand-new function called “duplicate detection” assists to aggregate all of your recurring pictures. It’s just offered on iOS 16, which you can download as long as you have an iPhone 8 or more recent. Using this brand-new function can assist you maximize lost storage area.

To erase replicate pictures:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Albums at the bottom of your screen.
  • In Albums, scroll down to the area entitled Utilities.
  • Under the Utilities area, choose Duplicates.
  • You’ll see replicate matches and a choice to Merge.
  • Tap Merge to erase replicate pictures.
  • To go through your duplicates quicker, select Select in the leading right corner to select numerous pictures at the same time. You can even select Select All to combine all of the replicate pictures iOS 16 identifies.

How to switch on the battery portion indication

Apple’s iOS 16 Beta 5 programs battery portion

Todd Haselton|CNBC

You can now see your battery portion in the battery icon at the top of your screen. It’s helpful if you desire more information on just how much battery life you have actually left. Knowing you have a 60% charge is a lot much easier to see than attempting to assess it from an icon. So, turn on the battery portion indication.

How to switch on the battery portion indication:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Toggle on Battery Percentage.

You’ll now see that little number suggesting your battery life inside the battery icon on the leading right-hand corner of your iPhone screen.

How to utilize emergency situation SOS by means of satellite

Emergency SOS by means of satellite on iPhone 14.


In November, Apple introduced emergency situation SOS by means of satellite for all iPhone 14 users, which permits users to text emergency situation services when they’re off the grid, whether outdoor camping in the mountains or driving in a remote location during the night. The service is complimentary for the very first 2 years.

How to utilize emergency situation SOS by means of satellite:

  • In the occasion of an emergency situation, attempt calling911 If you do not have cell service, your phone will attempt to link to another provider’s tower. If that does not work, a choice to utilize “Emergency Text via Satellite” will turn up.
  • You can likewise go to iMessage to text 911 or SOS, then tap Emergency Services.
  • An alternative will occupy, permitting you to tap to report an emergency situation.
  • Emergency concerns will occupy to assist you finest explain your circumstance. The very first timely will state “What’s the emergency?” You’ll then have the ability to choose from alternatives such as “Car or vehicle issue” or “sickness or injury.” Next, you’ll be led through a series of more extensive concerns.
  • You’ll be offered the alternative to alert your emergency situation contacts to let them understand you connected to emergency situation services, in addition to your area and the nature of your emergency situation. You can likewise utilize the Find My app to share your area with loved ones by means of satellite.
  • To link to a satellite, your phone will ask you to point it towards the sky. As long as you have a clear view, you ought to have the ability to link to a satellite, however it might use up to 15 seconds for your messages to go through. If you do not have a clear view of the sky, due to the fact that of trees or another blockage, the texts might take a minute to go through. And due to the fact that satellites orbit the earth rapidly, you’ll need to move your phone a little to remain linked throughout the discussion.
  • Once you have actually linked to emergency situation services by means of satellite, they’ll instantly understand your area and the nature of your emergency situation, however you’ll be asked a couple of more concerns to assist emergency situation workers find you and to come ready.
  • If you have your medical ID established through your iPhone’s health settings, emergency situation services will have the ability to see essential individual info, like what medications you’re taking and the names of your emergency situation contacts.

How to recognize a tune

Tap this button to recognize tunes from your iPhone.

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This next technique deals with all iPhones, however many individuals do not learn about it and it’s very enjoyable and helpful. You can recognize the tune that’s using the radio at a bar, in your cars and truck, or at a pal’s home, all without needing to open an app. All you need to do is swipe down and tap a single button.

Apple got the music acknowledgment service Shazam in 2018 and setting it up on your iPhone is simple.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap Control Center.
  • Scroll down under “More” and tap the green ‘+’ button beside Music Recognition.

That includes the music acknowledgment function to Control Center, which you gain access to by swiping below the top-right of your screen, or from the bottom of the screen if you have an iPhone with a Home button.

Once you have actually done that, you can utilize your iPhone to recognize a tune by swiping below the top-right of the screen to open Control Center and after that tapping the Shazam button. Your phone will listen for a couple of seconds, then reveal the artist and title at the top of your screen. And it’ll conserve a history of the tunes you have actually determined so you can return and see them later on. To do that, simply press and hold the Shazam button.

How to utilize widgets

Widgets on your iPhone let you see information from your preferred apps without needing to really open those apps. You can utilize widgets on your house screen and lock screen, or you can utilize widgets from Today View by swiping right from the house screen or lock screen.

To see widgets on your house screen:

  • From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty location till the apps wiggle.
  • Tap the Add button in the upper left corner.
  • Select a widget, select a widget size, then tap Add Widget.
  • Tap Done.

To include widgets from Today View:

  • Touch and hold a widget or an empty location in Today View till the apps wiggle. You can gain access to Today View by swiping right from the house screen or lock screen.
  • Tap the include button in the upper left corner.
  • Scroll down to choose a widget, then select from 3 widget sizes.
  • Tap Add widget, then tap Done.

How to tidy up your house screen

The App Library arranges all of your apps for you.

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To keep your iPhone’s house screen arranged, you can clean up things up by including and erasing apps.

To conserve area and declutter your iPhone, here’s how to erase apps you do not utilize:

  • Go to the App Library and tap the search field to open the list.
  • Touch and hold the app icon, then tap Delete App.
  • Tap Delete once again to verify.

To keep an app downloaded, however eliminate it from your house screen:

  • Touch and hold the app.
  • Tap Remove App.
  • Tap Remove from house screen.

You’ll notification that when you swipe on your house screen from best to left, there are numerous pages that house your apps.

To eliminate a whole page from your house screen:

  • Touch and hold an empty location on your house screen.
  • Tap the dots near the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the circle under the page that you wish to conceal.
  • Tap the Remove button, then tapRemove

To conceal a whole page, however not erase it:

  • Touch and hold an empty location on your house screen.
  • Tap the dots near the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the circle under the page that you wish to conceal.
  • TapDone

To unhide a page, repeat the actions above. Then utilize the App Library to rapidly discover apps concealed on various pages.

How to switch off 5G to conserve battery life

The iPhone 12, by default, will conserve battery by changing in between 5G and 4G LTE as required.

Todd Haselton|CNBC

5G cell service deals with all providers and iPhone designs 12, 13, 14 and SE 3. On the iPhone, Apple utilizes a 5G Auto Setting as a default. This allows Smart Data mode. When 5G speeds do not offer a much better experience, your phone will instantly change to LTE, conserving battery life.

If your phone is not on 5G Auto and rather on 5G On, you might be draining your battery. That’s due to the fact that no matter what connection is best, your iPhone is constantly attempting to link to 5G.

To enhance your battery life, here’s how to switch off 5G:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Cellular.
  • Tap Cellular Data Options.
  • Tap Voice & &Data
  • (***************************************************************************************************************************************************** )switch off 5G, tap LTE for much better battery life.

Or let your iPhone choose for you to enhance battery:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Cellular.
  • Tap Cellular Data Options.
  • Tap Data Mode.
  • Tap Low Data Mode when you wish to save your battery life.

How to charge your iPhone quicker and save battery

Apple’s 18 W quick battery charger for iPhone 11.

If you’re updating from a much older design iPhone, do not utilize your old battery charger. As long as you have an iPhone 8 or more recent, you can charge your phone by 50% in 30 minutes utilizing a 20- watt power adapter with a USB-C to lightning cable television battery charger. But there are some other battery techniques you ought to learn about.

Turn on Low Power Mode to save battery:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Toggle Low Power Mode on.

You’ll see under this alternative a description from Apple that states: “Low Power Mode temporarily reduces background activity like downloads and mail fetch until you can fully charge your iPhone.”

Turn down your screen brightness to save battery:

If your screen is on optimum brightness, it’s draining your iPhone’s battery. To turn it down:

  • Swipe below the upper left corner of your iPhone.
  • There’s a rectangular shape icon where you’ll see a picture of a sun. Swipe down on the icon till the screen’s brightness is decreased.

Check your iPhone’s battery health:

Apple has a tool that’s instantly constructed into your iPhone to assist avoid your battery from losing effectiveness. This function likewise makes your iPhone charge slower based upon your regimens. Here’s how to turn it off:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Tap Battery Health & &Charging
  • (************************************************************************************************************************************************** )off Optimized Battery Charging.

How to utilize Focus so you do not get alerts all the time

Apple’s brand-new Focus function in iOS 15

Todd Haselton|CNBC

As long as you have iOS 15 or more recent, you can establish a function called Focus which permits you to select the signals and alerts you get and let others understand you’re hectic. This can assist you prevent getting sidetracked by all of your phone’s alerts while you’re attempting to work, sleep or drive.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Focus.
  • Tap alternatives such as Do Not Disturb, Personal, Sleep or Work.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Select permitted or silenced alerts from individuals and apps. This method if your kid, or manager, is calling, you’ll still get alerted.
  • You can likewise make it possible for Time Sensitive alerts from apps, which permits apps not in your permitted list to send out alerts marked as Time Sensitive.
  • You can swipe below the top-right of your house screen to switch on Focus.

When you’re on Focus, your status will instantly be shown in your Messages app so when individuals attempt to send you a message, they’ll see that you have actually silenced your alerts, however they can still select to alert you if it’s immediate.

Also, if you have an iPad or Apple Watch, or any other Apple gadget established, Focus will instantly be used throughout all your Apple gadgets that are checked in with the exact same Apple ID.

How to personalize your lock screen

Apple iPhone lock screen

Source: Apple

There are some brand-new cool lock screens on the iPhone 14.

To alter your lock screen:

  • Touch and hold the lock screen till the Customize button appears at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Tap Add Widgets to include views of your preferred apps, such as upcoming calendar occasions, your Apple Watch battery life, the weather condition, the news, a countdown, or your approaching alarms.

Use Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple’s brand-new Dynamic Island function on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sofia Pitt

Dynamic Island is the coolest function Apple presented this year. Instead of that blank notch that utilized to house the selfie video camera and microphone, there’s a brand-new interactive tablet display screen that has the capability to shape-shift on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Let’s state you read a short article. You can likewise manage the music you’re listening to by tapping Dynamic Island rather of changing applications. It’s helpful.

The area can be utilized to reveal other things, such as instructions, AirPod connection status and battery life, or a timer. It can even divide into 2 different cutouts, so you can see a timer on one side and track the arrival time of your Lyft at the same time, for instance.

How to switch off the always-on display screen on iPhone 14 Pro

Always- on display screen toggled off on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sofia Pitt

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a function called an always-on display screen, which Android phones have actually had for years. The benefit is that you can see your widgets, such as the date and the weather condition, along with the time, in a low-light mode when your phone is locked. The function isn’t expected to be a drain on your battery.

But, if you resemble me and desire more solitude without the desire to examine at your phone, here’s how to switch off the always-on display screen.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Display & & Brightness.
  • Scroll down to Always On and toggle it off to shut down the function.