Gigi Hadid Reflects on “Technically” Being a Nepo Baby

Gigi Hadid Reflects on “Technically” Being a Nepo Baby

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Gigi Hadid is weighing in on the nepo child discourse.

The child of previous Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid and property designer Mohamed Hadid just recently shared her views on the viral social networks discourse concerning the benefits of kids with well-known moms and dads.

“Technically I’m a nepotism baby,” she informed the London Times in a short article released March 5. “My parents came from very little.”

Gigi got honest on the matter, including that she’s “always acknowledged that I come from privilege.” However, she noted her moms and dads have actually taught her not to entirely count on their household background.

As she discussed, “My parents told me, ‘Just because you have parents who were successful, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t walk into the job being as nice and as hard-working as you can be.”

And nepo child talk isn’t the only thing Gigi– sibling to Bella Hadid— has a hot take on. She likewise discussed cosmetic treatments, including, “I don’t think I’m the prettiest person in the world. Some Botox could probably help but I’m not so obsessed.”