Gird your ghd, straight hair is back thanks to Kim Kardashian


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Well. We had a good run, didn’t we? I’m speaking about me and my hair, of course. I remember the days when all I had to do was put it up in a pony, take it out, spritz it and I had achieved the relaxed waves look. Those days are gone, now. Oh, not completely, there will always be those wave-positive among us. But they are no longer the dominant hair trend.

For more than a decade now I’ve embraced my natural waves, (read: unmanageable, frizzy hair that I’ve aggressively styled according to trends). I was there for the bed head, the big curl trend, the beachy waves, the textured waves, the barely-there waves. I was – and have remained – right here for the undone, messy look sported by those nonchalant It girls such as Alexa Chung and Lou Doillon.

But all those waves came crashing to an end when Kim Kardashian West stepped out with sleek, pin-straight hair in late September last year. Now, as we know, Kim took a break from social media following her traumatic burglary, but when she did re-emerge in January, the hair was longer and straighter than ever.

Nicki Minaj and Kim’s sister-in-law, Blac Chyna, followed suit, so naturally, Kim changed it up again and went shorter, debuting a long bob for the premiere of The Promise in April. This here was something any fool with a straightening iron could do, and so the trend took off.

I found myself toying with the idea but my own hair would not let me commit because this summer has been so humid. But here we all are in May, and let me tell you, the weather is perfect for this style. Not that I need to tell you? I mean, you know your own hair, right? Guess I’m just too excited.

Kim’s own hair stylist, Justine Marjan, recommends using the GHD flat iron because it will do less damage to your hair. I recommend the GHD platinum styler in Tropic Sky. It’s more than $300 but it’s light, easy to use and it left my otherwise slightly ratty hair feeling super soft. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

OK. Real talk: if your hair is in the slightly ratty condition that mine is, you’re going to look awesome, but it’s unlikely you’ll achieve the level of sleekness you might desire. If you don’t want to cut it, try putting in a mask. I love this Strength Cure one from Pureology ($31) as I don’t need to leave it in for very long to get results. The next step is where you put in your serum, hair protector mist, call it what you will. Your preference depends on your hair type but I like Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum, ($39) as it contains fatty acids and silk proteins, which frankly, sound like Atkins for hair – gorgeous!

Then, you may begin blow drying. Jayne Wild, GHD hair stylist and expert, recommends starting at the nape, and sectioning off pieces as you go. Once dry, use the GHD styler and section off your hair again. “Spray a light mist of GHD final shine spray, ($20) before running your styler from roots to ends.”

I know what you’re thinking, a spray mist sounds like an unnecessary step, like toning your skin or pepper on your pasta. But the truth is that without it, I resemble a woman whose greatest year of her life was spent at Woodstock, you feel me? But Jayne, a woman of uncommonly glossy straight hair, assures me that if I use this spray, it won’t. And it didn’t. I’m now learning to embrace straight hair. The best bit is that it lies flat against my face, thereby framing it. I could tell you that I feel quietly smug, but in all honesty, that’s not really a departure from my usual state of mind, so I’ll say I felt on-trend and leave it at that.

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