GM ending production of Chevrolet Sonic amidst push towards EVs

GM ending production of Chevrolet Sonic amid push toward EVs

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2017 Chevrolet Sonic

Source: General Motors

General Motors verified strategies Tuesday to cease the Chevrolet Sonic, a subcompact cars and truck as soon as associated with a brand-new period of U.S. little cars and truck production for the post-bankrupt car manufacturer.

Production of the Sonic at GM’s Orion Assembly plant in rural Detroit will end in October to give way for a brand-new all-electric lorry called the Bolt EUV in 2021, according to business spokesperson Megan Soule. The brand-new cars and truck is a bigger variation of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which the plant presently produces along with the Sonic.

GM chose to axe the Sonic “due to declining demand,” according to Soule. Since selling almost 100,000 Sonics in 2014, sales have actually decreased every year by in between 15% to more than %. GM offered less than 14,000 of the vehicles in 2015.

Production of the Sonic lasted longer than lots of anticipated amidst low gas costs, customer choice relocating to crossovers and GM’s strategies to pivot to all-electric lorries.

General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra reveals a $300 million financial investment in the GM Orion Assembly Plant plant for electrical and self-driving lorries at the Orion Assembly Plant on March 22, 2019 in Lake Orion, Michigan.

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As the car manufacturer emerged from its government-backed insolvency in 2009, the Sonic was a sign of a brand-new period of U.S. little cars and truck production for the car manufacturer as the Obama administration promoted more fuel-efficient lorries.  

In 2011, then-U.S. President Barack Obama explored the center with South Korea President Lee Myung-bak to promote the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement. Auto parts for the Sonic were being imported from South Korea. A previous variation of the cars and truck had actually been exported from the Asian nation to the U.S.

The plant’s approximately 1,125 staff members will not be affected by the production modification,  Soule stated.

The discontinuation of the Sonic will leave Chevrolet with the Spark and Malibu as its only staying traveler sedans.

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