Go Behind the Scenes of The Bradshaw Bunch’s Pregnancy Reveal

Go Behind the Scenes of The Bradshaw Bunch's Pregnancy Reveal

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Tonight’s brand new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch was an unique one.

Why? Erin Bradshaw lastly got the news she (and her daddy, Terry Bradshaw) have actually been awaiting: She’s pregnant!

Erin and her other half Scott Weiss revealed the interesting news in a confessional after a humorous flashback reel revealed all the times Terry signed in on the couple’s development. Who could forget him asking Scott if he really understands how infants are made?

“I think he thought it was supposed to happen the night of the wedding,” Scott joked.

Then came the huge expose. “We’re pregnant!” the couple shouted, launching a lot of confetti in the middle of a sea of balloons.

A clip of the minute Erin found she was pregnant likewise played, with The Bradshaw Bunch star holding a number of pregnancy tests and informing the video camera, “Not one, not 2, not 3 however 4, so I believe it’s safe to state that I’m having a child!”