Goanna attacks Queensland man then turns on paramedic who came to help


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Mr Smallhorn grabbed the goanna when it cornered a family of peacocks on his property.

“Usually the best thing to do is keep away from them but in this case, the animals were just boxed in so I had to step in,” he told Nine.

“I picked him up by the back of the neck and carried him out at arm’s length.

“I walked about 50 metres to let him go and he threw his tail around my leg, pulled his body into me and dug all his claws [in].

“He brought me to the ground because his back leg was stuck in mine down low.

“The ambulance officer that treated me had to go in [to the hospital] too because of lacerations.”

The goanna that bit an eight-year-old girl on Stradbroke Island.

The goanna that bit an eight-year-old girl on Stradbroke Island. Credit:Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

In the attack on the girl on January 24, it took two people to pull the reptile off the child.

“A young eight-year-old girl, whilst walking through the camping ground, was attacked by a goanna that has made quite a nasty laceration in her foot,” Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Jayney Shearman said.

“At the time it was quite difficult to get the goanna off the child, it needed a couple of people to become involved to actually remove it from her foot.”

A Volunteer Marine Rescue boat helped ferry the girl off the island to Gold Coast University Hospital and her condition was described as stable.

Experts say goanna bites can be dangerous because the carnivores feed on carrion and toxic bacteria in their mouths can cause pain, swelling and prolonged bleeding caused by bites.

– with AAP

Toby Crockford is a breaking news reporter at the Brisbane Times

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