Google moms and dad Alphabet surpasses Apple to end up being world’s most cash-rich business

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Alphabet has a great deal of money in reserve.

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Google moms and dad Alphabet ended up being the most cash-rich business worldwide throughout 2019’s 2nd quarter, taking Apple’s long-held crown, according to the Financial Times. Alphabet obviously has $117 billion in money, while Apple has $102 billion.

Its liquid reserves have actually increased by nearly $20 billion considering that completion of 2017, while Apple’s fell from a peak of $163 billion, the Financial Times kept in mind. The report comes a week after Alphabet beat expert price quotes by reporting $38.94 billion in sales for the quarter ended June 30. 

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Alphabet’s financial success comes during a controversial era for the company. It faces antitrust scrutiny, protests from employees and questions about it handles YouTube extremists and its projects in China

However, it still hasn’t held the title of “world’s most valuable company.” Apple took that crown last August as it became a trillion-dollar company, but it’s been overtaken by Amazon and Microsoft in the months since.

Neither Alphabet nor Apple immediately responded to requests for comment.

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