Google presents Digital Wellbeing tool to assist restrict screen time


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Google’s Digital Wellbeing tool demonstrates how much time you invest in your phone.

Screenshot by Marrian Zhou/ CNET.

A brand-new tool from Google that intends to assist Android users manage their screen time is now out of beta.

Digital Wellbeing is offered to Pixel phone users and Android One gadget owners with Android 9Pie The news was reported previously Tuesday by 9to5Google

Google launched Digital Wellbeing to Pixel users in August as part of an unique beta. The tool assists you keep an eye on just how much time you invest in your phone with a day-to-day summary. A graphic on the control panel demonstrates how often you utilize various apps. You can likewise see the number of times you open your phone and the number of notices you get, Google stated in an August post.

App Timers let you restrict just how much time you invest utilizing particular apps, and the Wind Down function puts your phone into Do Not Disturb mode so your screen fades to grayscale around bedtime. You can likewise switch on the Do Not Disturb mode when you’re at supper or talking with pals.

Google isn’t the only tech business that’s including screen time controls. Apple in June revealed functions that let users keep an eye on time invested in their gadget and apps. Facebook on Tuesday presented a function called Your Time on Facebook, which reveals you the length of time you invest in the social media network.

You can access the Digital Wellbeing tool in the Google PlayStore

Google decreased to comment.

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