Google taps GE veterinarian to run policy in the middle of increased federal government analysis

Google's new global head of policy, Karan Bhatia.

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Google’s brand-new international head of policy, Karan Bhatia.


Google has actually worked with Karan Bhatia, previous president of GE’s federal government affairs and policy function, as its brand-new international head of policy, according toAxios

Prior to GE, Bhatia supervised United States global trade policies with Asia and Africa as a deputy agent under the Bush administration, according to his LinkedIn profile. He likewise operated in the Aviation and International Affairs department of the Transportation Department and functioned as deputy undersecretary for market and security for the CommerceDepartment

The consultation comes as Google has actually been handling current years with increased analysis in your home and abroad. With the Trump administration’s continuous trade war, Congress members have actually implicated the tech powerhouse of running the risk of United States security by partnering with Chinese telecommunication businessHuawei And last month, in the middle of global arguments over how AI must be utilized, employees at Google supposedly pushed the business not to restore an agreement with the Pentagon and to craft standards forbiding making use of Google AI tech in weapons

Bhatia will be entrusted with handling these problems and more at Google, as the business continues its international development and its deal with different AI tasks.

“We’re thrilled to hire someone with Karan’s impressive experience in global policy,” stated Kent Walker, international affairs and primary legal officer at Google, stated in an emailed declaration. “He’s a widely respected leader who will work with our teams to advocate for policies that encourage growth and innovation.”

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