Grey’s Anatomy Just Ended With a Huge, Jaw-Dropping Surprise – E! Online

Grey's Anatomy Just Ended With a Huge, Jaw-Dropping Surprise - E! Online

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Richard went back to work after recuperating from his hip surgical treatment (and bout of metal poisoning) and rapidly got captured up on all of the brand-new procedures. Bailey would not let him do anything initially, however then he showed he’s still Richard Webber and now he’s got Tom’s task (Chief of Chiefs) and he’s got Catherine back, so things are looking great for Richard for when. 

Amelia and Link

Amelia and Link got to maximize the 2nd hour of Grey’s remaining in the 10 p.m. hour by participating in the sexiest scene this program has actually had in ages. They likewise took a long time to call their child: Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln. 

Nico and Schmitt

While these 2 are not together together, they did get together for a minute of what Nico called “stress relief” there at the end. But truthfully, Schmitt should have much better! 

Jo and…Jackson? 

Jo attempted to make love with Jackson as a “bridge” after Alex deserted her, and Jo certainly should have much better than weeping into Jackson’s mouth after an uncomfortable near-hookup. Find Jo a hot non-Jackson date instantly, please! 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have actually got some more going nuts to do! 

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