Guatemalan Maya households fear migrant loved ones are amongst Mexican massacre victims

Guatemalan Maya families fear migrant relatives are among Mexican massacre victims

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GUATEMALA CITY—Guatemalan Maya households stated Monday they feared loved ones were amongst bodies discovered over the weekend in a remote part of northern Mexico along a path popular with migrant smugglers heading towards the U.S. border.

After getting a tipoff in the border state of Tamaulipas in northern Mexico, Mexican authorities recuperated 19 bodies, a number of which had actually gunshot injuries and were terribly charred. So far, the dead have actually not been determined.

Evaristo Agustin was amongst some 30 native males and females who took a trip to the foreign ministry in Guatemala City from remote highland provinces Monday after word spread their loved ones might be amongst the deceased.

The group supplied authorities with DNA samples to assist with recognition.

Agustin was searching for his 22-year-old brother-in-law.

“We heard about it from people already in the United States, family members and neighbors, who said our relatives were part of this group,” Agustin stated, accompanied by ladies worn standard yellow, blue and pink woven blouses and woolen skirts.

If verified that the victims were migrants, the attack would be amongst the worst atrocities over the last few years versus Central Americans in Mexico.

Migration has actually been on the increase from the area in current months as households run away the destruction of 2 serious typhoons and the financial damage from the coronavirus.

The Guatemalan foreign ministry stated in a declaration it was dealing with Mexico to figure out if any of its people were amongst the victims. The Tamaulipas state district attorney’s workplace stated the case was being examined.

A Twitter represent Guatemala’s Congress shared a declaration later on Monday stating legislators “mourned the tragic death of our migrant brothers from San Marcos,” without using more information.

DNA samples will be compared to samples drawn from the bodies by the district attorney’s workplace in Tamaulipas. The district attorney’s workplace stated the victims consisted of 16 males and a female. They were not able to figure out the gender of 2 others.

Mario Ernesto Galvez, a Guatemalan legislator, stated 13 victims were from his mountainous San Marcos province, noting their names in a declaration.

“I only feel pain and sadness,” stated Ramiro Coronado, who feared for his 31-year-old nephew.

“It was the first time he’d tried to travel to the United States to improve his life and that of his family. He’s leaving behind a wife and two children.”

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