Gujarat guy has cup stuck in rectum for 10 days after ‘intoxicated trick’

    Doctors have removed a steel cup from a man's bottom - after his friends put it up there as a drunken prank. See SWNS story SWFSsteel. The 45-year-old from Balipadar, India, had the substantially sized tumbler removed via surgery at a local hospital. The incident, which took place 19 August, happened when the unfortunate man was out drinking with his friends in Surat, Gujarat. According to reports, the victim's 'friends' inserted the sizeable item up his anus whilst he was in an ''inebriated state''. An X-Ray was done at MKCG Medical College and Hospital at Berhampur city, and the glass was found stuck in the intestine. At first, the doctors tried to retrieve the glass through rectum but then resorted to surgery due to the sheer size of the glass. Doctors had to cut through the intestine to retrieve the object. The unlucky man is recovering after the surgery and his condition is said to be stable.

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    An X-ray exposed the metal cup was obstructing the guy’s intestinal tract (Picture: Newslions/ SWNS)

    A 45- year-old guy ran the risk of losing his life after sustaining 10 days with a metal cup packed up his anus prior to lastly seeing a medical professional.

    It was thought to have actually been placed into his rectum by buddies as an inebriated trick throughout a raucous celebration in Surat, Gujarat– a dry state of India.

    The cup was around 3-4 inches in size and 6 inches long, according to regional reports, and his effort to eliminate it the following day backfired.

    It lodged the product even more up his anus however he invested days suffering in silence as he was too ashamed to inform anybody.

    He went 10 days without defecating and his stomach had actually begun swelling when his household lastly learnt and hurried him to medical facility last Friday.

    An X-ray taken in Berhampur city discovered the cup was lodged in his intestinal tract, and physicians needed to cut through the organ to extract it, the New Indian Express reports.

    Prof Charan Panda, head of surgical treatment at MKCG Medical College and Hospital, stated it was the very first case in the state where a cup was gotten rid of from somebody’s rectum.

    The guy will stay in medical facility for a couple of more days for observation, however he is stated to be recuperating and in a steady condition.

    Across the world there have actually been a lot of stories of individuals getting all way of foreign items held up their behinds.

    In 2021 the NHS stated it was eliminating approximately 3,500 products a year at a yearly expense of ₤340,000

    Doctors discovered a plastic ball from a carpet cleansing device up the rectum of a guy who went 2 days prior to going to medical facility in agonising discomfort.

    He declared he and his better half had actually utilized the ball to ‘treat his haemorrhoids’– however physicians might discover no proof of any haemorrhoids.

    The guy stated he had actually tried to draw out the ball himself utilizing a screwdriver and a spoon, however he might not get it to move.

    Doctors needed to slice the ball up utilizing an electrical drill to make it much easier to get rid of throughout a seven-hour surgery and the guy was released with a colostomy bag.

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