Hailee Steinfeld Talks Her New Album, Dickinson Season 2 & More

Hailee Steinfeld Talks Her New Album, Dickinson Season 2 & More

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Hailee Steinfeld simply launched brand-new music, and there’s a lot more to come.

The singer-songwriter and starlet signed up with Scott Tweedie for HappE! Hour on Thursday night, and the 2 dived deep into the innovative procedure behind Half Written Story, the very first of what will be a two-part album.

While penning the album, Hailee stated she focused on openness for the sake of her own sense of self.  

“It took a lot for me to sort of regain that; regain my sense of self after what I’d gone through what I’d been through. And writing was such a huge form of release and it was just a way through it for me,” she discussed. “So yeah, I don’t know, when it came to releasing these records, I just felt like I had accomplished what I set out to do in being really honest with myself and speaking my truth. And that’s something I think everyone is entitled to do.”

In doing this, Hailee discovered herself especially motivated by Annie Lennox‘s 1995 hit “No More I Love You’s”—a lot so, in truth, that she tested the track in among her own tunes, “I Love You’s.”

“I, in some form or another, said to myself, no more ‘I love you’s until I’m okay,” she informed Scott. “Because I think I just hit this point of realization that the only thing that was going to make me feel okay again was time on my own without the distractions of another relationship.”

Hailee included that having Annie Lennox as part of her album is “really an honor.”

Another well-known tune that Hailee tested on Half Written Story? Nat Cole‘s “L-O-V-E.”

“I was looking for a word I could make an acronym and somehow, I didn’t get much further then love. I thought, what if we made love stand for everything love is not?” she stated. “I guess I just started humming that melody…the lyrics that we had sort of come up within that melody and it just worked so seamlessly.”

Thus, “End This L.O.V.E.” was born. It’s the 3rd track on the album, which concludes with “Wrong Direction.” It’s this tune, according to Hailee, that “really sort of grounds the project.”

“…it’s not just one emotion that we feel when we go through any form of heartbreak or loss, and these songs represent everything from being super lonely and alone and isolated and introverted to a little bit more confident and empowered to angry and pissed off and frustrated,” Hailee revealed. “I think ‘Wrong Direction’ sort of wraps it all up.”

The 2nd part of Half Written Story will be launched later on this year, however Hailee didn’t wish to expose much. She did, nevertheless, confess that partnerships are “TBD” which she’s been dealing with a series of authors and manufacturers that she believes her fans will be delighted to see. 

“But as far as features and whatnot, I guess you’re going to have to wait and find out!” Hailee included. 

Hailee’s fans can likewise eagerly anticipate another season of Dickinson eventually this year. In addition to playing the lead function of Emily Dickinson, Hailee’s likewise an executive manufacturer for the Apple TELEVISION program. 

“One thing I’ve learned throughout my whole film and TV career is that—and I’ve realized this way more having produced the show—is that as a single artist, I truly am nothing without my team and without the people around me,” Hailee kept in mind. “Having produced the show, I’ve seen that on a different level. With music, I think the same goes for music. It takes sometimes a village to make a song…to execute an entire vision and a whole story. I don’t know, I just really learned to appreciate that.”

Scott then asked Hailee who she’s dealt with that has actually been especially transformative or inspiring for her, and she rapidly provided her response: her True Grit co-star Jeff Bridges.

“I dealt with Jeff Bridges on my very first film and in addition to practically everybody else I dealt with on that film, I seem like there are a lot of things that I’ll do truthfully in my daily life, however generally with my work, where I practically advise myself of that experience since I understand I’m doing things I got from them.

She continued, “It was simply remarkable to see these individuals concern work every day and have the most outright enjoyable, however take it seriously and develop the very best art that they could, and after that go house to their households and do it all over once again. I continuously refer back to that experience.”

Watch the total HappE! Hour interview here!

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