Happiest cities in the U.S.

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While cash can’t constantly purchase joy, a transfer to a brand-new city may result in a greater quality of life, current information discovers. Cities throughout the United States differ significantly in their environment, earnings, residents’ general wellness and neighborhood.

For 2023, California controlled the list of the happiest cities in America, while Fremont, California, topped the list for the 2nd year in a row.

That’s according to a current WalletHub research study, which evaluated happiness-related information metrics to figure out which American cities are house to the happiest locals. While the U.S. ranks just 16 th on the World Happiness Report, the research study asserts that some American cities still supply locals with a really favorable lifestyle.

The research study makes use of mental research study findings that show there is a clear connection in between place and joy. Put just, where you live can have a big result on your general wellness,Dr Sherry Hamby, prominent research study teacher of psychology at the University of the South, stated in the research study.

“Places with more resources — whether these are natural resources like beaches and mountains, cultural resources like museums and theaters, or essential resources like health care and transportation — tend to have happier people than other places,” Hamby stated.

Some locations– considered Blue Zones of Happiness by author Dan Buettner– are house to better locals than others, University at Albany associate teacher of psychology Dev Dalal stated in the research study. These positions function locals with higher general function, pride and satisfaction.

A city’s economy can add to its locals’ joy. “One factor in making a location related to increased happiness is the economy of the area. Specifically, it is the amount of economic equality among the residents,” Dalal stated. “The more equality there is among the residents, the happier the residents tend to be.”

Here are the 10 happiest cities in the U.S.:

1. Fremont, California

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 1
  • Community and environment rank: 1
  • Income and work rank: 34

2. San Jose, California

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 2
  • Community and environment rank: 64
  • Income and work rank: 3

3. Madison, Wisconsin

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 5
  • Community and environment rank: 8
  • Income and work rank: 41

4. Overland Park, Kansas

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 6
  • Community and environment rank: 6
  • Income and work rank: 87

5. San Francisco

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 4
  • Community and environment rank: 69
  • Income and work rank: 8

6. Irvine, California

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 8
  • Community and environment rank: 18
  • Income and work rank: 40

7. Columbia, Maryland

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 3
  • Community and environment rank: 28
  • Income and work rank: 176

8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 10
  • Community and environment rank: 21
  • Income and work rank: 72

9. South Burlington, Vermont

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 11
  • Community and environment rank: 47
  • Income and work rank: 25

10 Burlington, Vermont

  • Emotional and physical wellness rank: 28
  • Community and environment rank: 11
  • Income and work rank: 1

For the ranking, WalletHub evaluated 182 of the biggest cities in the U.S., consisting of the top 150 most inhabited U.S. cities and a minimum of 2 of the most inhabited cities in each U.S. state. Cities were examined based upon 3 classifications:

  1. Emotional and physical wellness
  2. Community and environment
  3. Income and work

Within these classifications, the research study took a look at 30 appropriate metrics, consisting of life-satisfaction index, anxiety rate, food insecurity rate, hardship rate, income-growth rate, perfect weather condition and hate-crime events per capita.

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