‘Headed into a calm prior to the storm minute here’

'Headed into a calm before the storm moment here'

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Next week might be a fairly calm stretch for Wall Street, CNBC’s Jim Cramer stated Friday, however he recommended financiers to begin getting ready for trading days on the horizon.

“Get ready. After next week, the onslaught of earnings and the Labor Department’s all-important non-farm payroll number will strike,” the “Mad Money” host stated. “After a crazy up and down … week, we’re now headed into a calm before the storm moment here, and that storm could get a lot worse depending on what happens in China, where there’s no calm to be found at all.”

Here’s Cramer strategy for the week ahead. Revenue and earnings-per-share forecasts are based upon FactSet quotes:

“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer’s list of essential market occasions for the week ofSept 27.

Mad Money

Monday: Fresh insight into Evergrande

The having a hard time Chinese home designer Evergrande has, up until now, left financiers in limbo about whether it will meet its $83 million interest payment on its U.S. dollar bond, which had a due date ofThursday Concern about Evergrande’s monetary battles spilling into the worldwide economy rattled markets early in the week, however concerns enhanced throughout the week.

“On Monday, we should get word about what will happen to the part of the Evergrande edifice that hasn’t been bailed out,” Cramer stated. “I think the government will make sure the big shareholders do get wiped out, and that includes management.”

” I completely anticipate to find out of the [government] program’s brand-new opponents when we go back to work Monday early morning,” he included.

Tuesday: Earnings from Micron and Thor Industries


  • Q4 2021 results: after the bell; teleconference arranged for 4: 30 p.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $ 2.33
  • Projected income: $8.23 billion

“Today the long knives were really out for these guys; three different firms warned of looming disappointment. I have to admit that those predictions were particularly daunting,” Cramer stated. “My view? Why don’t we just wait and see how Micron does? Just remember that high-end semiconductor plays have little to do with Micron, so they might be worth buying if this quarter drags down the whole industry.”

Thor Industries

  • Q4 2021 results: Before the bell
  • Projected EPS: $2.98
  • Projected income: $3.31 billion

“While I like Thor … I also wouldn’t be a buyer here because we’re at the wrong stage of the business cycle” for the Recreational Vehicle maker, Cramer stated. “It’s too discretionary, and as the delta variant fades away, the stock market will say people will start traveling normally again. In other words, even if Thor blows away the numbers, I think there will be a lot of analysts who just say, ‘Well, that was the last good quarter.'”

Wednesday: Earnings from Cintas and MillerKnoll


  • Q1 2022 results: Before the open; teleconference set for 10 a.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $2.76
  • Projected sales: $1.88 billion


  • Q1 2022 results: After the bell; teleconference arranged for 5: 30 p.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $0.54
  • Projected income: $651 million

“Wednesday gives us a great look into small and medium-sized businesses when we get results from Cintas, that’s the gigantic uniform company, and MillerKnoll, the office chair maker formerly known as Herman Miller,” Cramer stated. “Both companies have been uneven lately, but I think they’ll tell very positive stories. Once they’re parsed, they might provide us with a more positive backdrop. I like them both.”

Thursday: Earnings from Bed Bath & &(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )CarMax, Paychex and McCormick

Bed Bath & & Beyond

  • Q2 2021 results: Before the bell; teleconference set for 8: 15 a.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $0.52
  • Projected sales: $2.06 billion

“Bed Bath’s quarter might not be a barnburner, but I think the redesigned stores will change peoples’ impression of this formerly fossilized institution,” the “Mad Money” host stated. “I like the prices. I like the merchandise. I like the management; I think the stock can go higher.”


  • Q2 2022 results: Before the open; teleconference slated for 9 a.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $1.88
  • Projected income: $6.85 billion

“As long as there’s a chip shortage, the used car market will remain strong. That means CarMax should deliver a great number on Thursday,” Cramer stated. “But let’s not be too particular: I like AutoNation, I like Lithia, I like Carvana. If you’re inclined, you’ve got my blessing to buy CarMax ahead of the quarter.”


  • Q1 2022 results: Before the bell; teleconference arranged for 9: 30 a.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $0.80
  • Projected income: $1.04 billion

“This payroll processor is incredibly well-run and consistent, yet it never gets the respect it deserves … because it’s hostage to the labor market and to short-term interest rates,” Cramer stated. “The stock tends to sell-off even after good results; buying Paychex into that weakness has been a great strategy.”


  • Q3 2021 results: Before the bell; teleconference at 8 a.m. ET
  • Projected EPS: $0.72
  • Projected income: $1.54 billion

“If you’re convinced that the economy’s slowing, you might want to buy some McCormick,” Cramer stated. “The problem, of course, is that while it sure seems to be getting stronger, well, they might lose business as the delta variant peaks … and people feel more comfortable going out to dinner again. I’d avoid it for the moment, even though I like it.”

Friday: Covid information

“On Friday we tend to look back … and we see how Covid ‘did,'” Cramer stated. “We’ve had a couple weeks where things seem to have calmed down, and we may be nearing a bizarre herd … immunity, where everyone has either gotten vaccinated or gotten sick because delta is so catchable. I think the infection numbers will continue to improve.”

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