Here’s the Powerful Message Behind Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Outfit – E! Online

Here's the Powerful Message Behind Meghan Markle's Pregnancy Outfit - E! Online

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The designer who developed Meghan Markle‘s gown for her pregnancy statement discussed the “powerful message” behind the Duchess’ clothing option. 

Carolina Herrera innovative director Wes Gordon discussed to The Telegraph how the mother to 2-year-old Archie Harrison picked to use a gown she currently owned for her and Prince Harry‘s significant statement.

“I made [the dress] for her when she was pregnant with Archie, so nearly 2 years earlier,” he informed the outlet. “There’s a reality, it’s 2021, and we have a world to save, right? This is an undeniable crisis, and everyone has to do their part.”

“At Herrera, we’re committed to pursuing sustainable fabrics,” Wes continued. “But the number one thing that someone can do for sustainability is hold on to those pieces you buy and use them for a longer amount of time. That’s why I think what Meghan did is such a powerful message.”

He likewise included that even if the gown was 2 years of ages does not indicate it made Meghan “feel no less special or no less happy.”

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