Heroic Makcik Single-handedly Battles Cockroach Army at Her Flat with Can of Ridsect



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Cockroaches; these little pesky bugs could make a grown males shriek in concern. Normally, when given a alternative whether or not or to not face them or run, most of us will quietly disappear, by no means to be seen once more.

Particularly when they’re flying cockroaches! 

Heroic Makcik Single-handedly Battles Cockroaches At Her Flat - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Nonetheless, one makcik determined that she had sufficient of those roaches and selected to wage battle on them.

In a video shared on All Singapore Stuff by Mirza, the makcik can be seen battling the cockroaches with only a can of insecticide. It was reported by that the scene might have been recorded after a fumigation exercise which explains the number of cockroaches on the ground, walls, and ceilings.

Watch the video here:

Makcik Pestbuster

Tis makcik doing her bit for her neighbourhood. She once had dreamt of being a pestbuster lah!<Video credit: Mirza>

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Some were dead, but quite a number of them were still alive. That’s when makcik decided to take things into her own hands. Mirza, who was there, can be heard cheering the makcik on. He said,

“Attack them, attack them! It’s everywhere, attack them!”

At one point, a cockroach even manages to “attack” her by climbing on her feet, but she simply counters by stomping her feet, sending it flying!

The video ended with a cleaner arriving to help sweep the cockroaches away. So maybe when you are about to scream the next time a cockroach appears in front of you, please think of the badass makcik who single-handedly eliminate them without any fear.

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Heroic Makcik Single-handedly Battles Cockroaches At Her Flat - WORLD OF BUZZ

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