High-altitude auroras create ‘speed bumps’ for satellites


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A high-altitude model of the northern lights can create a headwind for some orbiting satellites, a brand new examine reviews.

The auroras assist transport pockets of air increased up into Earth’s environment, growing the drag on spacecraft that zip round Earth at comparatively low altitudes, researchers within the new examine mentioned.

“We knew these satellites have been hitting ‘velocity bumps,’ or ‘upwellings,’ which trigger them to decelerate and drop in altitude,” examine lead writer Marc Lessard, a physicist on the College of New Hampshire, mentioned in an announcement. “However on this mission, we have been capable of unlock a number of the thriller round why this occurs, by discovering that the bumps are rather more difficult and structured.”

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The mission Lessard referenced is Rocket Experiment for Impartial Upwelling 2 (RENU2), a short suborbital flight that launched from Norway in December 2015.

The RENU2 rocket noticed poleward-moving auroral kinds (PMAFs), that are dimmer and fewer energetic than the “regular” northern lights that grace postcards and posters.

PMAFs are a lot increased up, too, occurring so far as 250 miles (400 kilometers) above the bottom, in comparison with about 60 miles (100 km) for his or her more-familiar and picturesque cousins. PMAFs subsequently switch vitality to the wispy air within the higher reaches of Earth’s environment, the examine discovered.

And these “upwelling occasions” can complicate life for the satellites passing by in low Earth orbit.

“You’ll be able to consider the satellites touring by means of air pockets or bubbles [as being] just like these in a lava lamp, versus a easy wave,” Lessard mentioned.

Earth’s auroras consequence when charged particles from the solar slam into molecules in our planet’s environment. That excites these molecules to increased vitality ranges, they usually emit mild consequently. The colour of that mild is determined by the molecule affected. Collisions involving oxygen generate yellow and inexperienced glows, for instance, whereas nitrogen emits purple, purple or blue when excited.

Earth’s magnetic area funnels photo voltaic particles towards the planet’s poles, which is why the auroras are often confined to excessive latitudes. However robust photo voltaic exercise can ramp auroras up, growing their efficiency and increasing their geographic attain. Such exercise can even make PMAF upwelling occasions extra substantial, the researchers mentioned.

The brand new examine was revealed final month within the journal Geophysical Analysis Letters.

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