High-Fat Diet May Fuel Spread of Prostate Cancer


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Now the scientists are planning a scientific trial in males with prostate most cancers to see if the weight problems drug could also be an efficient remedy for this most cancers. “That’s actually necessary,” Dr. Abate-Shen mentioned. “Aggressive prostate most cancers is deadly, and there are not any healing medication proper now.”

The American Most cancers Society estimates that prostate most cancers can be identified in about 165,000 American males this 12 months, making it the second most typical most cancers in American males, behind solely pores and skin most cancers.

The tumors typically stay within the prostate and don’t kill, however when the most cancers spreads, it’s deadly. About 29,500 males die of prostate most cancers every year. Researchers have been struggling to seek out new methods to assist males with metastatic most cancers.

Geneticists knew prostate cancers typically begin when a protecting gene, PTEN, shuts down. However the tumors in males that lose solely PTEN are inclined to languish, not often spreading past the prostate and infrequently changing into deadly.

The cancers change, although, if a second gene, known as PML, additionally shuts down. All of the sudden, indolent cells grow to be cancers that unfold and kill. However why?

Within the new examine, researchers discovered that when PML was misplaced, cancerous cells — in petri dishes and in mice — began churning out fats, which can shield the cells from sure poisonous molecules. However the fats additionally could assist the cancers unfold, the researchers instructed.

PML can also be misplaced in human metastatic prostate most cancers, but it surely has by no means been clear what the results may be. “That is all cool molecular genetics,” mentioned Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, director of the Most cancers Heart and Most cancers Analysis Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess and lead creator of the brand new examine.

Dr. Pandolfi has lengthy tried to check prostate most cancers unfold in mice, however the rodents weren’t a lot assist. Few genetic manipulations made prostate cancers unfold within the animals as they do in people.

Then someday, at a gathering with colleagues, Dr. Pandolfi had an thought: “What are the mice consuming?” he requested. It was mouse chow, his co-workers mentioned — a low-fat, vegetarian concoction.

“Why don’t we attempt a easy experiment?” Dr. Pandolfi recalled asking. “Why don’t we put our mice on a high-fat Western weight-reduction plan?”

It was the lacking hyperlink. Mice with prostate cancers that had misplaced PTEN and that have been fed a high-fat weight-reduction plan shortly developed tumors that grew quickly and unfold. It was as if fats within the weight-reduction plan had an impact just like the lack of PML, the protecting gene.

Then the group requested an even bigger query: Might they might shield mice from metastatic most cancers by blocking fats manufacturing? That led to the experiment with a brand new weight problems drug, fatostatin. It not solely halted the most cancers’s unfold within the animals, however made it regress.

The work leaves loads of questions for future research, Dr. Abate-Shen mentioned.

Excessive-sugar diets additionally trigger weight problems. Are the prostate tumors in males who turned fats by consuming high-sugar diets equally inclined to metastasis? If they’re, what’s the mechanism?

And, she and others famous, the research to date concerned human cells in petri dishes and cancers in mice. It stays to be seen if the provocative findings maintain for people.

Dr. Pandolfi and his colleagues are planning a scientific trial with fatostatin to deal with prostate most cancers in people.

In addition they marvel if low-fat diets would possibly assist these sufferers, and what sorts of dietary fats would possibly gas prostate cancers. “You can not simply say, ‘Don’t eat fats,’” Dr. Pandolfi mentioned.

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