Historic deep dive into Pacific’s Mariana Trench yields ‘obvious human contamination’


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On the deepest dive ever executed into the Mariana Trench, an American investor-turned-explorer found what seemed to be plastic bag and different litter practically seven miles beneath the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Victor Vescovo, a retired naval officer from Texas, broke the report for the deepest dive into part of the Mariana Trench often known as Challenger Deep, the deepest recognized level within the Earth’s seabed. His dive went 52 toes decrease than a 1960 dive to the underside of the Mariana Trench accomplished by U.S. Navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard in a vessel referred to as the bathyscaphe Trieste. Film director James Cameron made the descent in 2012 however didn’t beat out the report.


Vescovo descended practically 35,849 toes down the place he discovered “artifical materials” on the ocean’s flooring that he’s “working to verify is plastic,” Stephanie Fitzherbert, a spokeswoman for his expedition, informed The Guardian. Vescovo is a Dallas-based co-founder of Perception Fairness Holdings, a personal fairness fund, who’s financing the 5 Deeps Expedition as an try to discover the deepest factors in every of the world’s 5 oceans, BBC Information reported.

“It was very disappointing to see apparent human contamination of the deepest level within the ocean,” Vescovo informed Reuters. “It isn’t an enormous rubbish assortment pool, though it is handled as such.”

As part of the 5 Deeps expedition, Vescovo made a number of dives into the Mariana Trench over the previous week in his submarine, DSV Limiting Issue, to gather organic and rock samples, The Guardian reported. Scientists will check the organic samples for microplastics.

The United Nations estimates 100 million tons of plastic waste already occupies the world’s oceans and huge volumes of microplastic have been found within the intestinal tracts of deep-dwelling ocean mammals, UK’s Telegraph newspaper reported.

The staff claims to have found 4 new species of prawn-like crustaceans referred to as amphipods, noticed a creature referred to as a spoon worm greater than 22,000 toes down and a pink snailfish at greater than 26,000 toes down, BBC reported. Over the previous six months, Vescovo’s expedition performed dives within the Puerto Rico Trench within the Atlantic Ocean, the South Sandwich Trench within the Southern Ocean and the Java Trench in Indian Ocean.


His last mission shall be to descend the Molloy Deep within the Arctic Ocean in August 2019. Atlantic Productions is following the 5 Deeps expedition for a documentary for the Discovery Channel.

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