Hollywood’s Mark Wahlberg isn’t the only Yank to make a footie gaffe


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AMERICANS may be falling in love with football — but their knowledge is still some way behind their enthusiasm.

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg proved the point with his Premier League predictions this week, saying “Leicester Square” would beat “Boune-mouth” and “Waterford” would lose to Manchester United.

 Oscar award-winning actor Tom Hanks says he thought Aston Villa sounded like an island off Sardinia

Getty Images – Getty

Oscar award-winning actor Tom Hanks says he thought Aston Villa sounded like an island off Sardinia
 Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg predicted that 'Leicester Square' would beat 'Bourne-mouth'

Getty Images – Getty

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg predicted that ‘Leicester Square’ would beat ‘Bourne-mouth’

He is in good company, as our friends from across the Pond have repeatedly shown . . .

Anchorman actor and Los Angeles FC co-owner Will Ferrell – “I’d love to sign Pele. Just to have his football knowledge on the pitch is incredible.”

A blissfully unaware US President Donald Trump – “Soccer has to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.”

Tom Hanks, Oscar-winning actor and so-called Aston Villa fan – “I fell in love with them because I thought the name sounded like an island off Sardinia.”

MLS side Washington DC explaining to fans in their matchday programme who new signing Wayne Rooney is – “He comes from the European Premier League and is known to deceive goalkeepers by finessing shots across the goal line.”

Escape To Victory “netminder” Sly Stallone predicting the score of his beloved Everton against Norwich on the BBC’s Football Focus – “17 to nil, is that too much?”

US-based Fox Sports commentator John Strong after Iceland and Argentina shared the spoils in their opening World Cup match – “Iceland beats Argentina 1-1.”

Fox Sports’ Gus Johnson describing the action in the six-yard box as only an American could – “He’s in the six.”

How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris, wearing Manchester City’s blue kit at a friendly against Liverpool in New Jersey in July – “Go Manchester United!”

Singer and one-time West Ham fan Katy Perry missing the point that football is a team game – “I get my inspiration for songs from watching everybody. Like, one person plays soccer . . .”

And another piece of US commentary reportedly describing a Gareth Bale attack: “He bursts in the 18, hits a shot on the frame, in the wheel house but it goes out of bounds, there must be something wrong with his cleats.”

Nope, us neither.

Mark Wahlberg struggles with Premier League team names as he predicts scores for Match of the Day


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