Home Invader Told Eminem He Planned to ”Kill Him” During Break-in – E! Online

Home Invader Told Eminem He Planned to ''Kill Him'' During Break-in - E! Online

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Eminem‘s life was threatened throughout an April house intrusion, according to a law enforcement officer who reacted to the occurrence. 

As E! News formerly reported, the rap artist (née Marshall Mathers) came in person with a person who got into his Detroit, Mich. house in the morning hours of April 5. Authorities declare Matthew David Hughes got to Eminem’s gated house by climbing up through a damaged window he smashed with a brick. Hughes was apprehended on first-degree house intrusion charges and has actually stayed behind bars ever since. 

An initial hearing in the event versus Hughes was held Wednesday, Sept. 9, where Clinton Township policeman Adam Hackstock shared supposed information about the burglar’s fatal objectives. 

According to Hackstock’s testament, seen in a video from the hearing gotten by The Detroit Free Press, Eminem was woken up from his sleep by a male standing behind him. The Grammy winner informed the officer he at first believed the male was his nephew. 

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