Hong Kong is ‘nervous, mad and scared,’ previous legislator states

Hong Kong is 'anxious, angry and frightened,' former lawmaker says
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Opposition political leaders in Hong Kong have actually spoken out versus Beijing’s proposed nationwide security law for the city, declaring that it breaks China’s “promise” of autonomy and liberty to the Hong Kong individuals.

“I think we’re talking from a very anxious, angry and frightened Hong Kong,” stated Emily Lau, a previous Democratic Party member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council.

“The big companies are also very nervous, their investors are nervous because Beijing is going to crack down on Hong Kong, take away our freedoms, our personal safety, our rule of law,” she informed CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Friday.

The Democratic Party is one the biggest opposition political celebrations in Hong Kong,  and has the third-largest existence in Legislative Council. Lau is a previous chairperson of the celebration.

Beijing revealed the draft nationwide security law throughout the National People’s Congress, a yearly conference of China’s leading legal body. The law, which Beijing stated is “highly necessary,” will restrict secession, subversion of state power, terrorism activities and foreign disturbance, reported Reuters.

We are not defending self-reliance or the topple of the Communist Party with force and violence…

Emily Lau

previous member, Hong Kong Legislative Council

Reports of the proposed legislation stimulated activist require a demonstration march on Friday, possibly restoring prevalent pro-democracy presentations that overloaded the city for much of in 2015 — however came to a stop due to the coronavirus break out in the start of this year.

Hong Kong is ruled under the “one country, two systems” policy, which provides the city independent power, a mostly different legal and financial structure from China, and different flexibilities consisting of restricted election rights. It was a structure that was put in location for 50 years, after the previous British nest went back to China in 1997.

A protester holds a flag that states “Free Hong Kong. Revolution of Our Time” at a presentation on December 8, 2019 in the city.

Anthony Kwan | Getty Images News | Getty Images

Lau stated the demonstrations are not a push for Hong Kong’s self-reliance from China.

“We are not fighting for independence or the overthrow of the Communist Party with force and violence,” she stated.

“We just want the Chinese government to keep the promise in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration in which Britain handed Hong Kong over to China under ‘one country, two systems’ that we can preserve our free lifestyle until 2047,” she included.

That belief is shared by numerous other political leaders and activists.

Tanya Chan, a pro-democracy legislator from the Civic Party, stated the intro of the draft law marked the “saddest day in Hong Kong’s history.”

“It confirms one country, one system,” she informed press reporters in Hong Kong, showing the draft legislation is an infraction of the “one country, two systems” structure.

CNBC connected to the Chinese federal government for talk about the political leaders’ remarks however has yet to hear back.

No one understands for sure what will take place at the end of the 50 years, when the policy is anticipated to stop in 2047, however Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam had formerly stated the one nation, 2 systems” policy might continue beyond the preliminary 50 years.

‘Time to put an end to everything’

In an editorial released on Friday, Chinese state media Global Times pressed back at criticisms that the proposed law breaks the “one country, two systems” structure.

“On the contrary, the draft law is a relocation targeted at avoiding external forces from meddling in HK (Hong Kong) affairs. It would likewise prevent the power HK extremists. The choice would restore a steady environment where the ‘one nation, 2 systems’ concept might work efficiently,” it checked out.

The editorial likewise blamed “internal and external opposition forces” for “controling security loopholes” in the city.

“For the year of 2019, HK did not take pleasure in a single tranquil day. It resembled a city in an undeveloped nation swallowed up in chaos. Stores and train stations were harmed, roadways were obstructed, and innocent individuals were assaulted and burned. College trainees were avoided from participating in classes,” it stated.

“Due to the turmoil, HK fell dramatically in the international rankings. Now is the time to put an end to everything.”

But Lau — the previous legislator — stated the proposed security legislation will not just impact the Hong Kong individuals. She stated it will likewise affect a a great deal of foreign residents and multi-national business that have actually gained from the city’s liberty.

“I believe Hong Kong individuals need to, we need to defend our rights, we need to defend our concepts,” she said. “But I likewise get in touch with the worldwide neighborhood … to do something for us.”

— CNBC’s Huileng Tan and Lilian Wu added to this report.

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