Hong Kong might need to brace for volatility in 2024: Financial secretary

Moody's Hong Kong credit outlook downgrade is not a fair one, says financial secretary

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Hong Kong might need to prepare for “a lot of volatility” in 2024, Hong Kong’s monetary secretary Paul Chan informed CNBC.

Next year will be “full of external challenges,” Chan informed CNBC’s EmilyTan “Interest rates [are] going to be greater for longer, geopolitical stress will continue. And there will likewise be elections in the U.S. So there might be a great deal of volatility,” he stated.

Hong Kong is an unique administrative area of China, and like the mainland, has actually dealt with a frustrating post-Covid financial healing. Beijing has actually tapped financial stimulus to fortify financial healing and include its spiraling financial obligation crisis amongst the nation’s home designers.

Chan is positive about China’s healing.

He stated he thinks the world’s second-largest economy is set to “grow steadily in the pursuit of high quality development.”

As Hong Kong’s economy is carefully linked to the mainland’s, it will offer Hong Kong “strong backing and optimism” and provide the city the financial increase it requires.

China has actually set itself a development target of around 5% for2023 According to the International Monetary Fund newest evaluation in November, China’s economy is forecasted to publish a development of 5.4% in2023 However, this development is likewise anticipated to slow to 4.6% in 2024 due to home market weak point, the IMF stated.

Moody’s downgrade not a reasonable one

Moody’s devalued its outlook on China’s federal government credit scores to unfavorable on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the credit scores company cut its outlook on Hong Kong– a relocation which Chan stated was unfair.

“I don’t think it is a fair downgrade of our economic outlook,” Chan stated. “We have actually currently moved from the bottom and [are starting] to enhance highly.”

He preserved that Hong Kong had a “very strong and very resilient” financial development of about 3.2%.

The financing secretary stated the primary pillars of Hong Kong’s development are services exports, capital expense, and intake.

Hong Kong’s exports of services for the 3rd quarter attracted 1936 million Hong Kong dollars ($248 million), marking a year-on-year dive of 16%. The city likewise tape-recorded a 4.1% development in the 3rd quarter compared to a year back.

The IMF anticipates Hong Kong to publish a 4.4% development in genuine GDP.