How a FinTech creator discovered to welcome his group’s distinctions

How a FinTech founder learned to embrace his team's differences

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George Lucas, creator at Raiz Invest, initially believed everybody shared his photographic memory. When he started leading a group, he rapidly understood this wasn’t the case. That’s when he began to utilize his group’s distinctions to the benefit of business.

When you’re utilized to working alone, it can be tough to find out how to utilize a group’s distinctions to get the very best outcomes for your company.

It’s a difficulty that’s especially individual to George Lucas, creator of micro-investing platform RaizInvest

Lucas established the business in Australia in 2016, and the business has actually because broadened into Southeast Asia.

But his work prior to Raiz implied he discovered setting expectations for his brand-new group challenging.

“I am very lucky, I have a near photographic memory,” George Lucas informed CNBC MakeIt “That may be very valuable at a young age to investment banks in London. But it also meant I worked quite often alone.”

Lucas rapidly learnt this ability wasn’t one that everybody shared.

“This may seem quite surprising when I say it out loud, but I actually just thought for a lot of my life that most people had photographic memories and could analyze large number sets,” he discussed. “As I became more of a leader, I began to realize that everyone has different abilities.”

Over time, Lucas discovered how to utilize those various capabilities to advance his company.

“Every position is important, whether it’s the CEO, or the cleaner. And that was a lesson that I still learned today,” Lucas stated.

This is simply among 5 of George Lucas’s most significant lessons. Watch the video above for more.