How Android 11 will much better secure your phone from robocall spam


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Google’s Pixel 4

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google on Wednesday teased brand-new functions for the next variation of Android, the search giant’s mobile os. The software application, called Android 11, is a sneak peek variation indicated for app designers to evaluate prior to it is launched more extensively. 

One significant upgrade takes on frustrating robocall issues. Android 11 will let call-screening apps do more to avoid spam calls. The software application will let apps validate a call’s “stir/shaken” status, which are requirements that secure versus spoofing. It can likewise tape-record why somebody declined a call. If a user grants consent, the app can see if a call originated from somebody in their contacts or an outdoors number.

Google has actually currently done work to combat robocalls. A function called Call Screen, which debuted with Google’s Pixel phone line, lets users avoid robocalls by sending them directly to the Google Assistant. It likewise lets users see a records of the call.

Android 11 likewise features upgrades that let designers much better adjust their software application to the various hinge designs of collapsible phones. Developers can utilize the specific angle of the hinge to assist develop more “adaptive” experiences for the phone. 

Android is the most dominant mobile os on the planet, powering nearly 9 out of every 10 smart devices delivered worldwide. But Google’s greatest difficulty with brand-new variations of Android is in fact getting them on individuals’s phones, given that cordless providers and handset makers can decrease the procedure. 

Google hasn’t launched user figures for the previous variation of the software application, Android 10. But the last time Google upgraded its circulation numbers in May 2019, Android 9 had actually just been set up on 10.4% of Android phones. The 3 variations launched prior to that comprise 64.4 percent of Android phones. By contrast, 70% of Apple’s iPhones are on the most current variation of its os, iOS 13. 

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