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How Brie and Nikki Bella

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Added the mommy to 3-year-old Birdie and almost 4-month-old Buddy, “So it was kind of our first time to just celebrate, let loose and almost give yourself permission to, like, get smashed.”

The mix of their mothers’ day out and having breakfast with their kids produced a “beautiful” birthday, Nikki stated. Unfortunately, both Brie’s other half Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) and Artem ran out town for work, however that didn’t stop them from making the Bellas feel unique on their birthdays.

“Bryan hid my gift so I wouldn’t see it before the 21st,” Brie shared. “He wrote me this beautiful card—which, I have to tell you guys, Bryan has always been just amazing at writing really sentimental cards—so he goes, ‘I just really miss you’ and just mushy stuff in the beginning.”

Then, according to Brie, Bryan advised that she begin her early morning by delighting in a great cup of coffee with among her presents, an unique mug (which she gathers!). She continued stating Bryan’s in-depth present, “Then, two, to write down your dreams and always remember them and go for them. And he had this really cute journal. And then three, something to remind you how special you are. And then he got me this gorgeous necklace.”

As she raved, “He nailed it.”

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